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28 03 2017

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22 12 2017
Inforrm is taking a Winter Break | Inforrm's Blog

[…] How Dacre and the Mail are making the case for section 40 – Brian Cathcart […]

16 02 2018
Freedom and the Local Press: A CEO’s misleading message to readers – Brian Cathcart | Inforrm's Blog

[…] A further advantage of Section 40 is that for the first time it offers complete protection to journalists from this fear, known as ‘chilling’. When a news publisher is a member of a PRP-recognised regulator (and such […]

14 12 2018
Brexit, Leveson 2 and why 2019 could be the year for press reform – Brian Cathcart | Inforrm's Blog

[…] the key legislative incentive for his regulatory scheme has still to be put into operation, while the second part of his inquiry […]

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