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Law and Media Round Up – 31 October 2011 [updated]

With Lord Justice Leveson’s preliminary October seminars completed, the full Inquiry will begin properly on 14 November, with “opening statements”. Evidence is likely to be taken until February 2012. Following the Metropolitan Police and the Crown Prosecution Service’s joint submissions on the impact of the Inquiry on the criminal investigation, a hearing on Monday 31 October 2011 will discuss how the “interface” between the inquiry and the police investigation should be handled. A call for additional evidence has been made via the Leveson Inquiry website. We reported these updates in more detail here. Continue reading

Blogs and Websites about Media Accuracy and Fairness: a UK selection

Wordle: UntitledThe blogosphere has a rich seam of “media related” blogs, many of which engage in serious critical analysis of the vagaries of the mainstream media. Last year we did a post to introduce our readers to a selection of these.  More recently we covered more media and “fact check” blogs (and see also this follow up post).  These blogs and sites raise the kind of issues which the Leveson Inquiry is considering and their often careful and well researched analysis of the press is a valuable resource. Continue reading

News: Leveson Inquiry, Directions Hearing, Police and CPS Submissions and a Call For Evidence

At a hearing on 26 October 2011 the Leveson Inquiry announced that the Inquiry proper would begin on 14 November 2011 with “opening statements”.   The first witnesses are due to appear a week later on 21 November 2011, with 18 victims of unethical behaviour by the press being the first to give evidence. The hearing of evidence is likely to last until February 2012.  A transcript of the hearing is now available on the Inquiry website.  There were reports of the hearing, inter alia, in the “Guardian” and the “Independent“. Continue reading

Case Law: Morrissey v McNicholas – Morrissey’s libel claim can go to trial – Gervase de Wilde

The NME has failed in its attempt to get Morrissey’s long-running libel action against them struck out. In a judgment given by Tugendhat J at the High Court on 26 October 2011 the magazine’s application was dismissed [2011] EWHC 2738 (QB), with the Guardian reporting that the case will be heard next year. The singer told the newspaper that he will now “be able to use the very public forum of the high court in London to clear my name, loud and clear for all to hear.” The NME was similarly bullish, saying to the same paper that it welcomed the chance to bring the matter to an end. Continue reading

Phone Hacking, Privacy, and the Data Protection Act – Kirsten Sjovoll

The “News of the World” phone hacking furore continues to gain momentum, with more than 60 individuals bringing legal proceedings claiming that their personal voicemails were intercepted without their consent, the creation of a large “settlement fund”, and the first test cases set for trial in early 2012.  Questions inevitably arise as to what legal rights may have been infringed. Continue reading

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