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New report focuses on public attitudes to the publication of justice data – Paul Magrath

New report focuses on public attitudes to the publication of justice dataThe Legal Education Foundation has published a report about the collection, use and commercial exploitation of data from the justice system, focusing in particular on the new judgments database set up by The National Archives earlier this year. It reveals both a lack of public awareness and a surprising level of public concern over the re-use of such data by third parties, and recommends more transparency in how such data is managed. Continue reading

Footballer Sex Scandals: The perils of reporting criminal investigations, identifying suspects and discussing allegations online – Daniel Shaw

Footballer sex scandals – the perils of reporting criminal investigations, identifying suspects and discussing allegations onlineThere have been several new stories in the last year reporting the arrest of footballers for complaints of sexual offences. The most recent example was first reported in the Telegraph on 4 July 2022. The article reported that a “Premier League international footballer” had been arrested in North London on suspicion of rape. The player in question was not named “for legal reasons”; however, the article contained information about the player which enable him to be identified, including his likely age, international profile and the fact he is due to play at the World Cup in Qatar this year. The article also reported that it was unclear he would participate in his club’s pre-season fixture schedule. The article also reported the location where the player had been arrested. Continue reading

Law and Media Round Up – 25 July 2022

On 20 July 2022, the Government published its Response to the Call for Evidence on Strategic Lawsuits against Public Participation [pdf]. The Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab claimed that this sets out a series of measures to prevent so-called SLAPPs. According to the Ministry of Justice, this includes a new tool for the courts to throw out meritless claims quicker and a cap on costs to prevent the rich from “bullying” journalists with the threat of expensive litigation. Continue reading

SLAPPs: Government Response to Call for Evidence, More Questions than Answers

On 20 July 2022 the Government published its response to the call for evidence on Strategic Lawsuits against Public Participation [pdf] with a Foreword by Justice Secretary, Dominic Raab.   This document summarises the evidence on each of the 45 questions posed in the “Call for Evidence” and sets out the Government response to each one.   It is a disappointing document which includes no clear concrete proposals and is, in important respects, wholly inadequate. Continue reading

Deepfake Porn and the Law Commission’s Final Report on Intimate Image Abuse: some initial thoughts – Colette Allen

On 7 July 2022, the Law Commission published its final report on intimate image abuse (IIA), with recommendations to create a comprehensive criminal offence that provides effective protection against all manifestations of IIA. The report should be commended for addressing the existing sporadic IIA offences which are not fit for purpose and leave many instances of abuse unpunished. Continue reading

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