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If IPSO is a tough regulator then why is it so soft on intrusions into grief and shock? – Paul Wragg

IPSO should be applauded for its phenomenal success in convincing gullible politicians that the press is ‘properly regulated’. IPSO’s chair, Lord Faulks, speaking in the House of Lords (he is a politician, after all) in December 2021 was happy enough to embellish further to say that not only are the press ‘properly regulated’ but also ‘accountable’. Continue reading

Newspapers leap to defence of “extremists’ loophole” in the Online Safety Bill, as Government plans to protect the press from accountability unravel – Nathan Sparkes

Yesterday in the House of Commons the Government was skewered over its plans to allow extremists or dictators to set up front organisations in the UK and brand themselves “news publishers”, to benefit from a wide ranging and poorly drafted exemption to the Online Safety Bill.  Several newspapers have rushed to defend the loophole because they themselves would benefit from. Continue reading

Why social media firms will struggle to follow new EU rules on illegal content- Greig Paul

Social media allowed us to connect with one another like never before. But it came with a price – it handed a megaphone to everyone, including terrorists, child abusers and hate groups. EU institutions recently reached agreement on the Digital Services Act (DSA), which aims to “make sure that what is illegal offline is dealt with as illegal online”. Continue reading

‘What the flock you looking at?’: the use of wordplay and bad language in ads – Alexandros Antoniou

***WARNING: This article contains some strong language***

On 27 April 2022, the UK’s advertising watchdog, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), banned an outdoor poster which promoted an estate agent, trading as Lamb & Co. Property. The poster, which appeared at the entrance of Waterglade Retail Park in Clacton, showed a sheep, alongside large text which stated: ‘What the flock you looking at?’, with the word ‘flock’ in coloured font for emphasis. The accompanying text read: ‘We’re baa-rilliant at getting your property noticed too’. Continue reading

The Press is obliged to make good, not do good: why the crime-busting myth harms the SLAPPs debate, or why we need section 40, Crime and Courts Act – Paul Wragg

We need to do away with these libel laws, says Meirion Jones in The Guardian, because they only protect evildoers and they stop us, the press, from bringing them to justice. I can reveal, he continued, that The Sun could have brought Jimmy Savile to justice in 2008 but the threat of libel action meant that all the testimony they collected was wasted and so, since the chance of a scoop was gone, they did nothing with it… Continue reading

Social media regulation: why we must ensure it is democratic and inclusive – Rowan Cruft and Natalie Alana Ashton

News that the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, is buying Twitter has sent the world into a spin, dividing those who advocate for unfettered free speech – like Musk – and those who believe that some platforms wield too much power and influence. But the ultimate outcome for Twitter may depend heavily on social media regulation. Continue reading

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