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India: The Dubious Dilemma, muzzling fake news or gagging freedom of speech and expression – Toshaar Trivedi and Achyutam Bhatnagar

While the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus has forced a good number of industries to count their blessings, the social media sector and over-the-top (“OTT”) platforms have been an aberration and witnessed a significant surge in usage. As the content consumption increases, content production increases as well. Continue reading

Should social media regulation be aiming at a different goal? – Simon Carne

This weekend, the professional football community in the UK will boycott social media. The “gesture”, initiated by the anti-racism charity, Kick It Out, and others, is a call to “those with power [within social media] … to do more and to act faster … to make their platforms a hostile environment for trolls”. At the time of writing, British rugby and British cricket has announced that they will join the boycott. Continue reading

Meghan and Harry’s Oprah interview: why British media coverage could backfire – Steven Barnett

“I would sit up at night, and I was just, like, I don’t understand how all of this is being churned out … And I just didn’t want to be alive anymore.” This stark admission from the Duchess of Sussex during her and her husband’s much-anticipated interview with Oprah Winfrey captures how press treatment of Meghan drove the couple’s decision to step back from royal duties. Continue reading

Marketers in hot water: ASA rulings during the COVID-19 crisis – Alexandros Antoniou

Being conscious of its regulatory role during the ongoing global health crisis, the Advertising Standards Authority (“ASA”), the UK’s regulator of advertising across all media, aims to act with due regard to the circumstances faced by businesses in the current emergency. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the regulator seems to have adopted a layered approach to the implementation of its rules. Continue reading

Vaccines for the Digital Economy? The UK Digital Markets Unit, the EU Digital Markets Act and the German GWB amendment – Sarah Hartmann

The year 2021 will see the introduction of new regulatory institutions and regimes for digital platforms. In the UK, the Digital Markets Unit (DMU) was announced in late 2020.  Meanwhile on the continent, a similar proposal is in the legislative pipeline in Germany with the amendment to the General Competition Act (GWB) and the EU Commission has laid out its own plans for tackling platform dominance with the Digital Markets Act (DMA).  Continue reading

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