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Vaccines for the Digital Economy? The UK Digital Markets Unit, the EU Digital Markets Act and the German GWB amendment – Sarah Hartmann

The year 2021 will see the introduction of new regulatory institutions and regimes for digital platforms. In the UK, the Digital Markets Unit (DMU) was announced in late 2020.  Meanwhile on the continent, a similar proposal is in the legislative pipeline in Germany with the amendment to the General Competition Act (GWB) and the EU Commission has laid out its own plans for tackling platform dominance with the Digital Markets Act (DMA).  Continue reading

The Online Harms edifice takes shape, Part 2, Overall Commentary – Graham Smith

The fundamental issues with the government’s White Paper proposals have been exhaustively discussed on previous occasions. Reminiscent of a sheriff in the Wild West, to which the internet is so often likened, Ofcom would enlist deputies – social media platforms and other intermediaries acting under a legal duty of care – to police the unruly online population.  Unlike its Wild West equivalent, however, Ofcom would get to define its territory and write the rules, as well as enforce them. Continue reading

Will the Digital Markets Unit save us from surveillance capitalism? – Damian Tambini

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) this week proposed a new regulatory framework for digital competition which offers a tantalising insight into current UK thinking on tech regulation. Does the prospect of a new Digital Markets Unit with tough new rules for the biggest companies mean that tech giants are finally going to be obliged to serve our interests rather than the other way around? Continue reading

The Daily Mail’s Coronavirus coverage contained serious distortions. The Government’s failure to criticise it is pathetic and dangerous – Hacked Off

A Daily Mail article (since edited), “What they DON’T tell you about COVID“, published 20 November 2020, claimed that official projections of Covid deaths and infection rates have been significantly overstated when compared to actual data – suggesting that lockdown measures were an unnecessary infringement on personal freedoms. Continue reading

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