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The Daily Mail’s Coronavirus coverage contained serious distortions. The Government’s failure to criticise it is pathetic and dangerous – Hacked Off

A Daily Mail article (since edited), “What they DON’T tell you about COVID“, published 20 November 2020, claimed that official projections of Covid deaths and infection rates have been significantly overstated when compared to actual data – suggesting that lockdown measures were an unnecessary infringement on personal freedoms. Continue reading

Regulation of online platforms needs a complete reset – Nick Couldry and Dipayan Ghosh

Two decades ago, the US, UK and many other societies, without exactly intending to, delegated to digital platforms the redesign of the spaces where human beings meet, ignoring the possible social consequences. The result today, is a media ecosystem where it is business models, like those of Facebook and Google, that shape how our ideas and information circulate. Continue reading

Gaps in UK regulation of online platforms make it difficult to tackle systemic issues: here are some ways we can fix this – Garfield Benjamin

Regulating online platforms has proven difficult, and not only due to the overused idea that technology moves faster than law. It often boils down to an unwillingness by policy-makers to tackle the underlying systemic issues of big tech, exacerbated by active lobbying by the tech industry, and the myth that ‘innovation first, regulation later’ will ever work. Continue reading

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