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Domestic Disinformation from State and Political Actors is a Global Threat to the Democratic Order – Eliza Bechtold

Lying in politics is nothing new.  And while state and political actors have always enjoyed an outsized influence on public discourse, the digital age provides an abundance of new tools for these actors to magnify their voices in unprecedented ways.  Across the globe, these actors are leveraging the advantages of social media to disseminate disinformation for the purpose of improperly manipulating public opinion. Continue reading

Australia: Where does the anti-trolling Bill take us, if anywhere at all? Bye-bye Voller? – Alex Tharby and Tracy Cole

On September 8, 2021, the High Court delivered the landmark Voller decision, dismissing appeals by media outlets against the decision of the New South Wales Supreme Court which held that the news media and users of social media and other internet platforms may be held liable for content posted by others to their pages. Continue reading

Facebook: latest EU court case shows how Europe is clamping down on big tech

Facebook’s approach to users’ data has just been dealt a major blow from the European court of justice (ECJ). In an answer to a question from Germany’s highest court, the ECJ’s advocate general – whose opinion is not binding but is generally followed by the court – has made an essential clarification to Europe’s data protection law to confirm that consumer associations can bring actions on behalf of individuals. Continue reading

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