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Platform Content Moderation: Some Humility about Transparency – Daphne Keller

I am a huge fan of transparency about platform content moderation. I’ve considered it a top policy priority for years, and written about it in detail (with Paddy Leerssen, who also wrote this great piece about recommendation algorithms and transparency). I sincerely believe that without it, we are unlikely to correctly diagnose current problems or arrive at wise legal solutions. Continue reading

New Regulations for News Media and Content Media in India: The Right Step? – Sameer Avasarala and Shreya Mukherjee

The Government of India has notified the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021 (the “Rules”) on February 25, 2021 under the Information Technology Act, 2000 (“IT Act”) applicable to internet intermediaries, social media intermediaries, publishers of news and current affairs content and online curated content (defined to mean curated catalogue of audio-visual content owned by, licensed to or contracted to be transmitted by a publisher and made available on demand). Continue reading

Facebook’s free speech myth is dead: and regulators should take notice – Carolina Are

Facebook’s recent decision to block its Australian users from sharing or viewing news content provoked a worldwide backlash and accusations of hubris and bullying. Although the company has now reversed its decision following an agreement with the Australian government, the row has exposed the fragility of Facebook’s founding myth: that Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild is a force for good, providing a public space for people to connect, converse and cooperate. Continue reading

Vaccines for the Digital Economy? The UK Digital Markets Unit, the EU Digital Markets Act and the German GWB amendment – Sarah Hartmann

The year 2021 will see the introduction of new regulatory institutions and regimes for digital platforms. In the UK, the Digital Markets Unit (DMU) was announced in late 2020.  Meanwhile on the continent, a similar proposal is in the legislative pipeline in Germany with the amendment to the General Competition Act (GWB) and the EU Commission has laid out its own plans for tackling platform dominance with the Digital Markets Act (DMA).  Continue reading

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