None of us are exempt from following media guidelines on reporting suicide – Alexandra Pitman

31 01 2015

Media GuidelinesAn article published last month in the mental health research journal Crisis reviewed arts journalists’ reporting of suicide when writing about painters who had died in this way, and concluded that they had failed to adhere to media guidelines on reporting suicide. Read the rest of this entry »

Intimate Images and Consent – Alex Cochrane

30 01 2015

revenge-porn-pink-methLast week, there were whispers on social media that The Sun newspaper had made an editorial decision to axe page 3. These rumours appeared to be confirmed as fact when The Times, a sibling newspaper of The Sun, reported the decision.  Read the rest of this entry »

South Africa: 2014, a bumper year for media law – Dario Milo

29 01 2015

Oscar Pistorius trial2014 was an important year for the media. The South African courts handed down a number of significant rulings – some good, some bad, and some ugly. I’ll discuss some of the most important cases here. Read the rest of this entry »

Sun Four Trial: Reporters “worked in fear” of Rebekah Brooks, Court told

28 01 2015

Rebekah Brooks at Leveson inquiryA News UK employee has testified in court that staff “worked in fear” of Rebekah Brooks when she edited the Sun as “people were hired and fired on a regular basis”. Read the rest of this entry »

Sun Four Trial: Leaks led to Sandhurst security being “stepped up”, court told

28 01 2015

SandhurstA former army officer testified yesterday that information about the Royal Princes published in The Sun was “very worrying” and led to a “stepping up of security”. Giving evidence in London’s Old Bailey Colonel Roy Parkinson a former staff officer at Sandhurst said that “attempted and successful intrusions” by the media when Prince William and Prince Harry were cadets led to “security having to be beefed up for everyone”. Read the rest of this entry »

Case Law: Simpson v MGN Limited and Ward: gradations of infidelity and the importance of ‘established family units’ – Sara Mansoori

28 01 2015

Danny SimpsonAn allegation of infidelity is defamatory, but an allegation of infidelity which imperils or destroys a home and family unit is particularly disreputable. This was the position adopted by Danny Simpson, the Premier League footballer, at the trial of a preliminary issue on meaning in respect of an article published in the Daily Mirror in November 2012. Read the rest of this entry »

Leveson and Murdoch: Hypocrisy and the Protection of Journalists – Evan Harris

27 01 2015

Leveson-inquiryNick Cohen has many qualities as a polemical writer and orator and is a fierce defender of free expression. We have fought many battles on the same side, not least blasphemy abolition, against an over-broad religious hatred law, and libel reform, but he is wrong about Leveson and about the Hacked Off campaign for a free and accountable press. Read the rest of this entry »