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Hackgate – Project Riverside and The SOCA Report

What price privacy now?On 22 June 2013 the Independent published a genuine scoop – ‘The Other Hacking Scandal‘ (here).  Tom Harper obtained and reported on the full and unredacted version of the 2008 Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) report on ‘Project Riverside’. It collated and detailed five investigations uncovering serious illegalities by ‘rogue element’ private investigators. The Indy’s scoop triggered a chain reaction amongst some of Harper’s fellow journalists seeking to blame Leveson for keeping them in the dark. Continue reading

The Many Mythologies of Press Freedom, Part 2, Media Self-Censorship – Julian Petley

The Sun is far from alone in attacking other media organisations, but newspapers routinely calling for the censorship of other media is a paradoxical and extremely distasteful sight.  It is one which casts a good deal of doubt on the sincerity of their demands before the Leveson Inquiry that press freedom must be protected above all else. Press freedom is but one aspect of media freedom in general, and if newspapers cannot see that there is the starkest of contradictions in calling for their own freedom (self-circumscribed though it is) to be defended whilst bawling for the censorship of other media, then the clock really has struck thirteen. Continue reading

Is Leveson ‘Fit and Proper’ to deal with Media Ownership: the response – Damian Tambini

Following my post a couple of weeks ago, the Leveson Inquiry continues to struggle with its terms of reference and the particular question of whether it should make recommendations on media ownership. Leveson himself chose yesterday  (at 94-103 minutes) to ask Ed Miliband whether he could avoid making detailed recommendations on the controversial topic. The Judge, perhaps seeking political cover for a possible decision to duck the question of media ownership, sought to clarify the responsibility set for him by the terms of reference of the Inquiry. Continue reading

Practice: Without notice injunction procedure – a further warning for practitioners

Practitioners have, again, been reminded in strong terms of the need for strict compliance with the Civil Procedure Rules when applications are made for “without notice” injunctions.  It has again been pointed out that notice is a matter of “elementary” justice and that, if it is not given, CPR 25.3(3) and PD 25A para 4.3 require the service of evidence stating the reasons why notice has not been given. Continue reading

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