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Case Law, Strasbourg: Bild GmbH & Co v Germany, Police officer’s “pixelation” injunction violated Article 10 – Hugh Tomlinson KC

A man reads Germany's top-selling In the case of Bild GmbH v Germany [2023] ECHR 851 the Fourth Section of the European Court of Human Rights found that an order that a publisher should cease publication of CCTV footage of an arrest without pixelating the face of one of the officers involved was a violation of Article 10 as it could lead to an unacceptable ban on future publication on matters of public interest. Continue reading

Case Law, Strasbourg: Lenis v Greece, Extreme Homophobia not protected under freedom of expression – Tobias Mortier

Hate speech and violence against LGBTQI+ individuals are on the rise in Europe. In 2022, ILGA Europe reported an increase in both the number of cases of violence, as well as in their severity. As for hate speech, this was by no means limited to furtive cases; politicians in several countries (including Belgium) reportedly made numerous derogatory or hateful public statements concerning LGBTQI+ persons. Continue reading

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