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Case Law, Strasbourg: Milosavljević v. Serbia, Public official’s defamation judgment over serious false allegations did not violate Article 10 – Hugh Tomlinson QC

In the case of Milosavljević v. Serbia ([2021] ECHR 441) the Court of Human Rights, Second Section, dismissed an Article 10 complaint by a journalist who had been subject to an adverse defamation judgment in respect of an article accusing a local public official of trying to rape an underage Romani girl. Continue reading

Case law, Strasbourg: Amaghlobeli v. Georgia: Journalists cannot be released from their duty to obey ordinary criminal law – Mike Dodd

In its judgment in Amaghlobeli and Others v. Georgia  ([2021] ECHR 422) the European Court of human Rights rejected complaints by two journalists and the publishing company for which they worked that their rights to freedom of expression under Article 10 of the Convention were breached when the journalists were fined for having entered the customs control zone of a border post. Continue reading

India’s IT Rules, 2021: Incompatible with the ICCPR and a fatal blow to democratic discourse – Raghav Mendiratta

In the recently released Freedom House Freedom Report, India has been demoted to ‘Partly Free’ from the ‘Free’ category. Civil liberties and free expression have seen a slow but steady breakdown in India over the last few years. A particularly disturbing trend is the silencing of voices through targeted prosecutions of activists, students, academics, protestors, and journalists. Continue reading

The Power of Softness, The Trump Decision of the Facebook Oversight Board – Judit Bayer

On 7 January 2021, Facebook suspended the account of Donald Trump, President of the United States for an indefinite period. The long-awaited decision of the Facebook Oversight Board on the suspension of Donald Trump’s account resembles the judgment of Solomon: it divided the question into two, and upheld the first part, rolling the second part back to Facebook. Continue reading

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