Plebgate: Andrew Mitchell, PC Rowland and the Sun – the judgment and some media coverage

30 11 2014

Mitchell at CourtOn Thursday 27 November 2014, Mr Justice Mitting handed down a judgment in which, after careful analysis of the evidence, he found that “at least on balance of probabilities that Mr Mitchell did speak the words alleged or something so close to them as to amount to the same, including the politically toxic word “pleb””. Read the rest of this entry »

Case Law: Canada, Awan v Levant, Judge finds that allegations by right wing commentator were baseless and made maliciously

29 11 2014

awan-levantOn 27 November 2014, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice handed down judgment in the much discussed case of Awan v. Levant [pdf]. Justice Wendy Matheson awarded damages of Can$80,000 to the plaintiff, lawyer Khurrum Awan, against the conservative political commentator, journalist and blogger Ezra Levant. Read the rest of this entry »

Sun Six Trial: Court told Sun journalist was a “liar and a cheat” and that picture editor had ‘no idea’ that payments were to public officials – Martin Hickman

28 11 2014

New Sunday Sun tabloidA Sun journalist who paid a police officer for tip-offs and other information about high-profile crimes was a liar and a cheat, her former deputy news editor told a court today. Read the rest of this entry »

Sleepy IPSO, Zombie PCC and the Neglected Public – Michelle Gribbon

28 11 2014

IPSOVSPCCOn 8 September 2014, the discredited Press Complaints Commission (“PCC”) finally closed its doors and its successor – IPSO – was launched. The supposedly “new” regulator is based in the same office, with many of the same staff. But it is curiously quiet, even comatose. Read the rest of this entry »

Sun Six Trial: Worthwhile to pay Broadmoor worker for Halloween party story, court told – Martin Hickman

28 11 2014

_64723606_64723425Paying an NHS worker at Broadmoor for a story about patients staging a Halloween party was worthwhile, a former Sun executive told a court yesterday. Read the rest of this entry »

Google Spain: Article 29 Working Party Issues Guidelines for De-Listing Decisions

28 11 2014

spain-google_110421_620x350The EU Article 29 Working Party, has adopted Guidelines on the implementation of the CJEU’s judgment in the case of Google Spain v AEPD and Costeja. Read the rest of this entry »

Sun ‘Mobile Phone’ Trial: Man Accused of stealing MP’s phone tells court that Sun journalist offered to pay £10,000 if it led to a story

27 11 2014

Old-BaileyA man standing trial accused of stealing a Labour MP’s mobile phone told a court today that a Sun journalist offered to pay him £10,000 if the text messages on it led to a story. Read the rest of this entry »