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The democratic fightback has begun: The European Commission’s new European Media Freedom Act – Damian Tambini

The European Commission has published a draft European Media Freedom Act (EMFA). If passed, this new law would represent a major shift in EU policy on the media, and a welcome shot in the arm for democracy across the Union. Freed of the Eurosceptic United Kingdom, during a perceived crisis of European democracy, there is widespread support for proposals to support media freedom, and the news media themselves are likely to give them full-throated support. Continue reading

If IPSO is a tough regulator then why is it so soft on intrusions into grief and shock? – Paul Wragg

IPSO should be applauded for its phenomenal success in convincing gullible politicians that the press is ‘properly regulated’. IPSO’s chair, Lord Faulks, speaking in the House of Lords (he is a politician, after all) in December 2021 was happy enough to embellish further to say that not only are the press ‘properly regulated’ but also ‘accountable’. Continue reading

The Jewish Chronicle: Ipso should be ashamed – Steven Barnett

As a kid growing up in a close-knit north London Jewish family, I was part of a Friday night ritual that was replicated in thousands of Jewish homes across the country. We would go to my grandmother’s for supper (featuring the best chicken soup this side of the Atlantic), would listen to a couple of perfunctory prayers over wine and bread, disagree violently over the chopped liver about the political controversy of the day, and then settle down to discuss that day’s required reading: the newly delivered Jewish Chronicle. Continue reading

The invasion of Ukraine: Putin loses control of the message as the media fight back – Peter Coe

Only a few days ago, when I was mulling over writing a post on the Supreme Court’s judgement in the Bloomberg case, I was thinking how nice it was that, for the first time in almost two years, I would not have to contemplate writing something about the pandemic. However, as I write this post on 28 February 2022, the world has once again been turned on its head, and life as we know it is under threat. Continue reading

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