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How can we make the internet safe for children in practice? – Sonia Livingstone

Children's rights apply in the digital world! | Media@LSEOne in three children uses the internet, and one in three internet users is a child. Yet tech companies claim to be unable to determine who is a child online. This is a practical but also a political challenge – does society want to task companies with age-assessing all their users? Or is that too great a risk to the privacy and freedom of expression of both adults and children? Continue reading

The Pocket Online Safety Bill – Graham Smith

New protections for children and free speech added to internet laws - GOV.UKAssailed from all quarters for being not tough enough, for being too tough, for being fundamentally misconceived, for threatening freedom of expression, for technological illiteracy, for threatening privacy, for excessive Ministerial powers, or occasionally for the sin of not being some other Bill entirely – and yet enjoying almost universal cross-party Parliamentary support – the UK’s Online Safety Bill is now limping its way through the House of Lords. It starts its Committee stage on 19 April 2023. Continue reading

The US Supreme Court could change the Internet as we know it – Chantal Joris

20) Live updates: Supreme Court hears Twitter v. Taamneh oral argumentsThis week, the Supreme Court heard arguments in two cases – Gonzalez v. Google and Twitter v. Taamneh – that have the potential to fundamentally change how social media companies recommend and moderate content. Both cases will impact the scope of Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act which shields internet platforms from liability for content posted on their platforms. Section 230 is viewed by many as one of the foundations of internet freedom. Continue reading

(Some of) what is legal offline is illegal online – Graham Smith

From what feels like time immemorial the UK government has paraded its proposed online harms legislation under the banner of ‘What is Illegal Offline is Illegal Online’. As a description of what is now the Online Safety Bill, the slogan is ill-fitting. The Bill contains nothing that extends to online behaviour a criminal offence that was previously limited to offline. Continue reading

The Online Safety Bill: Everything in Moderation?, Parts III, IV and V, Criticism, Consequences and Conclusion – Naomi Kilcoyne

Part 3: Criticism

In a rare show of national unity, disapproval of the OSB has spanned both ends of the political spectrum. Alongside criticism from the Labour culture minister, Conservative politicians have also weighed in on the ‘legal but harmful’ debate. Thinktanks and non-profit groups have likewise been apprehensive.

Continue reading

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