The Inforrm blog will be taking a short winter break again this year to allow our editorial team to relax in the sun and on the slopes.  We will have a few “seasonal” posts over the next fortnight – in particular Jude Townend’s “Media Law Review of the Year” and the eagerly awaited and hotly contested “Inforrm Quiz” – but normal service will not be resumed until the second week in January 2012.

This has been an extraordinary year for media law – Super-Injunction Spring, Phone Hacking Summer and Leveson Autumn.  Inforrm has had over 500,000 page views this year – and has broken a number of “media law exclusives” – largely as a result of the unfailing energy of Benjamin Pell.

Many thanks to all our readers for following the blog and for the many positive comments we have had (and the constructive negative ones).  Thanks also to everyone who has written for the blog in the past year – in particular to Jude Townend (who has recently taken on the serious burden of producing the weekly round up), to Natalie Peck (whose post on Cheryl Cole and Harassment has attracted the most page views of the year) and to Eddie Craven (whose super-injunction spring posts gained him the unique title “Eddie Craven of Inforrm”).  As we have said before, Inforrm is intended to be a forum for debate and we welcome contributions from all points of view about issues concerning “media and law”.  We can be contacted via the email address on the home page.

The most popular posts of the year have been (in descending order – and excluding the Home Page, and Tables of Cases):