In order to lighten the burden of the New Year return to work the Inforrm editorial team has prepared a “Media Law Quiz of the Year” for 2010.  And there is prize – a copy of  Privacy and Freedom of Expression by R Clayton and H Tomlinson (OUP, 2010) – kindly donated by the authors.  Answers should be submitted to Inforrm by Email (to by 12 January 2010.  The editors’ decision on all matters relating to the quiz is final. 


1.  Who said what about whom (or what), when and where?

(a) “I have known him for many many years but I smiled when I saw him compared by one national newspaper with Sir Thomas More”

(b) “He is a lovely man, and much-maligned”

(c) “The more I read this blog the more I think it is written by and for British libel lawyers”

2.   What have intellectually devious judges “from places like Malta” insisted on and according to whom?

3.  Which High Court judgment in 2010 began with the memorable first two paragraphs “1. [Redacted], 2. [Redacted]”?

4.   What were the “de-anonymised” names of the following cases in 2010?

(a) BCD v CDE?

(b) P v E?

5.   In the past three years three privacy claimants have been identified as “PQR”, two have subsequently been de-anonymised in public judgments:

(a) Who was the 2010 PQR?

(b) Who was the 2009 PQR?

6. Which consent order in 2010 resulted in two hearings, two reserved judgments and an appeal to the court of appeal?

7.   What was the largest libel award in the English courts in 2010 and where were the defendants based ?

8.   Whose suggestion led to a new threshold of seriousness and when was it made?

9.   Which defendant to a potential libel claim apologised for instructing solicitors to send letters threatening libel proceedings?

10.  What is the significance of the following numbers:

(a) 298?

(b)  700?

(c)   3?

11.  Which country in Europe has

(a) the highest number defamation cases each year per head of the population?

(b) the highest level of defamation damages relative to its per capita GDP?

12. What do the following have in common:

(a)  David Howarth, Chris Mullin and Julie Kirkbride?

(b)  Andy Gray, Sienna Miller and Nicola Phillips?

(c)  DFT, AMM and KJH?

(d)  Christiano Ronaldo, Tom Watson and Nelson Piquet?