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Benjamin Pell’s Media and Law Quiz of the Year – 2014: Final Extension of Time

2014 quiz

Following a number of requests from interested but perplexed readers we have agreed to extend time again for the completion of Benjamin Pell’s exciting Media and Law Quiz.  The time for entries will be extended to 30 January 2015.  We commend the quiz to our readers as both informative and entertaining!  Readers should not be intimidated by Mr Pell’s fearsome reputation as a quizmaster.  This quiz can be completed by even a casual reader of Inforrm. Continue reading

Inforrm Media Law Quiz of the Year, 2012 – The Answers and the Result

QuizOn 1 January 2013, we published the third “Inforrm” Media Law Quiz – set by the winner of the 2010 and 2011 quizes, Benjamin Pell. There were 45 tough questions arising out of the Media Law Cases of the past 12 months. It may be that Mr Pell’s reputation for encyclopedic knowledge put off some potential contestants. Not many of our readers and contributors had the courage to submit entries. Thank you to those who did.

Continue reading

Inforrm 2012 Media Law Quiz of the Year – Extension of Time

QuizIn response to a number of requests from perplexed readers, we are granting an extension of time for submissions of answers to the Inforrm media law quiz of the year. A number of distinguished media lawyers have told us that they are unable to answer a single question.  If true, this demonstrates a lamentable failure to read Inforrm over the past year.  The blog contains straightforwards answers to a number of the questions.   Continue reading

Inforrm 2012 Media Law Quiz of the Year

QuizFollowing the runaway success of our Media Law quizzes for 2010 and 2011 we are repeating the exercise for 2012 – with one important change.  The runaway winner in 2010 and 2011, Benjamin Pell, has graciously agreed to forego the chance of an hat trick and has, instead, agreed to take on the role of quiz master.  This should encourage all our readers to take part. Many of the answers can be found in Inforrm’s comprehensive 2012 media and law coverage. Continue reading

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