QuizFollowing the runaway success of our Media Law quizzes for 2010 and 2011 we are repeating the exercise for 2012 – with one important change.  The runaway winner in 2010 and 2011, Benjamin Pell, has graciously agreed to forego the chance of an hat trick and has, instead, agreed to take on the role of quiz master.  This should encourage all our readers to take part. Many of the answers can be found in Inforrm’s comprehensive 2012 media and law coverage.

The prize in this year’s quiz is a copy of  Media and  Public Shaming: Drawing the Boundaries of Disclosure, edited by Julian Petley – to be published by I B Tauris shortly.

Answers should be submitted to Inforrm by Email (to inforrmeditorial@gmail.com) by 14 January 2012.  The editors’ decision on all matters relating to the quiz is final.


1.   Judges

(a)   Which judge revealed that a relative may be a claimant?
(b)  Which judge included a French nursery rhyme at the end of his judgment?
(c)  Which judge was overturned by a judge who will be unable to do the same thing in 2013 although both are still sitting?
(d)  Which judges realised after more than 100 days that they were unable to reach a unanimous decision and what happened next?
(e)   Which judge said “Your country needs you”?
2.   What do the following have in common?
(a)   Mrs Justice Slade, Mr Justice Lindblom and Mrs Justice Nicola Davies
(b)  Hacked Off, Children In Need, Reprieve
(c)  Times Newspapers Limited, Andrew Gilligan, Viagogo Limited
(d)   £65,000, £90,000, £125,000
(e)   Mr Justice Eady, HHJ Radford and The Recorder of Belfast
(f)   Citation PLC v Ellis Whittam Limited, Waterson v Lloyd & Anor , Rothschild v Associated Newspapers
3.  Trials
(a)  Which trial lasted one hour?
(b)  Which trial took four days and with judgment being given eight days later?
(c)   Which case settled after a two day trial?
4.  Defamation Bill and Leveson Report
(a)  Which MP who was on the Defamation Bill’s House Of Commons Public Committee will not be present when the Bill returns to the House?
(b)  Which defamation lawyer is able to take part in debates about the Defamation Bill when it returns to The House Of Commons and why couldn’t he say anything in the House about it until the Report Stage?
(c)  Who said “I am not a proper defamation lawyer, although I have dabbled in it” and who did this person describe as “the most knowledgeable and open-minded of all the QCs practising at the libel Bar”?
(d)   What was the first recommendation made by Lord Justice Leveson that has been accepted by the Government?
(e)  Which MP referred to Page 1781 of Lord Justice Leveson’s Report three hours after it was published?
(f)  Which former judges are attempting to overturn a House Of Lords decision in the House Of Lords and how can they do this?
5.  What is the significance of the following numbers for media lawyers in 2012?
(a)  97?
(b) 210?
(c) 1061?
(d)  1987?
6.   Anonymisation
(a)  In which privacy case which was discharged by consent had the Claimant been described in 3 different ways in the full listing?
(b)  Which three letters have been used to anonymise a Claimant and also a Defendant this year?
(c)  In which privacy case were two judgments handed down on the same day?
7.   The Olympics
(a)  Which libel lawyer is linked both to the Olympics and to The X Factor?
(b)  Which case involved the Olympics and Lord Coe?
(c)   Which gold medalist is being sued by their own parents for libel and slander?
(d)   Which prominent libel landmark is linked to the Olympics?
8.   More on Trials and Appeals
(a)   How many libel trials took place in 2012?
(b)  How many privacy trials took place in 2012?
(c)  In how many libel appeals did Eady J, Tugendhat J or Sharp J appear on the panel?
9.  Who said at the Leveson Inquiry the following and about whom did they say it? :
(a)  “If I had come to the conclusion that he was telling the truth, I would have torn the place apart and we wouldn’t be here today.”
(b)  ”I shook her hand and said ‘hello Rachel’, and I don’t think that went down very well, so it wasn’t a good start.”
(c)  ”I do not need to be told about the importance of freedom of speech, I really don’t.”
10.   Social Media
(a)  Which victim of online trolls obtained a disclosure order against Facebook?
(b)   Which judge allowed a claim to be served via Facebook and what is the name of the case?
(c)   Who joined Twitter on 23 Jan and 27 Jan?
(d)   Whose first Tweet was “First tweet. Had to be up at 330 to go to train station so did radio interview – Sun published Harry pics. A day late. “news?” ?