In tribute to the 20th anniversary of September 11 media outlets have recalled the sense of common purpose that United Americans after the attacks, US News reports.

The state of Texas has made it illegal for social media platforms to ban users “based on their political viewpoints”, the BBC reports. The new law states social media platforms with more than 50 million users cannot ban people based on their political viewpoints.

Poland’s Senate has rejected legislation that would enforce new media ownership rules, impacting Discovery Inc. The President is set to veto the law if the lower house overrides the Senate’s refusal, Bloomberg reports.

CIA Director William Burns allegedly travelled to Kabul, Afghanistan, and met the Taliban leader, NPR Reports. See further coverage from the Washington Post. The Week has an Opinion piece entitled “American media can’t quit the forever war”.

The New York Magazine has an editorial entitled “Why the Media is worse than Trump”.

Mark Hertsgaard has a piece in the Guardian examining US TV news lack of commentary on climate change stating- “its media malpractice not to mention that burning fossil fuels drives extreme weather events like Hurricane Ida”.

Reason has an article entitled “The rights and wrongs of Biden’s new vaccination mandate policies”.

The Volokh conspiracy has a piece on free speech controversies on campuses.

In the Courts

The case of Apple v Epic has concluded with Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers granting a permanent injunction that said Apple will no longer be allowed to prohibit developers providing links or other communications that direct users away from in app purchasing.

In the case of Ness v City of Bloomingtonthe US Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit held that the city’s ordinance banning photography and videorecording in public parks is unconstitutional.

Knight v CIA No. 20-5045- Did U.S. intelligence have advance knowledge of a credible threat to Saudi journalist and Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, whose murder was—to a high degree of confidence—ordered by the Saudi Crown Prince? This was not a question that could be answered by a public records request.

This Round up was complied by Suneet Sharma a junior legal professional with a particular interest and experience in media, information and privacy law.