A group of US lawmakers is proposing a Australia style bill for media organisation, particularly social media companies- Ars Technica has the story. Reuters also covers the legislative proposals advanced by Amy Klobuchar and David Cicilline.

Yahoo Finance has an article examining the US’s current discussions about antitrust concerns in the media sector, discussing lawmakers attempts to introduce new, stricter, regulation.

The Independent reports that, despite rising security concerns around hacking the Biden administration is not seeking to step up government surveillance, the Independent reports.

The Tampa Bay Times has an article on the constitutional law challenge bought by residents over the operations of a Sheriff’s intelligence programme that targets those it estimates likely to commit future crimes. has an insightful article on the constitutional law challenge bought by residents over the operations of a Sheriff’s intelligence programme that targets those it estimates likely to commit future crimes. The lawsuit filed by four Pasco County residents, can be found here.

The Guardian reports that US far right extremists are making millions via social media and cryptocurrency.

Former Rep. Katie Hill sued the Daily Mail UK, Redstate.com and her ex-husband over the publication of nude photos of her. Volokh Conspiracy has an analysis of the recent developments in the case which applies a California non-consensual pornography statute.

Inews has an exclusive considering now new social media laws in the US may give US tech giants the ability to regulate free speech in Britain, an ancillary effect of new legislative provisions to boost online safety.

Influencers have taken to social media to stand against hate crimes against Asians in the US – CNN covers the recent moves by a number of prolific fashion Influencers.

Volokh Conspiracy has an article. covering injunctions against speech with an analysis of whether the Courts are issuing overbroad injunctions.  Part 2 can be found here  The full list of pieces on speech related injunctions can be found here.

Volokh also has an excellent piece on whether the Supreme Court is looking to end qualified immunity. There is also a Podcast on cybersecurity that particularly insightful.

The Columbia Journalism Review has an article on how PBS could help rebuild trust in US media.

A group of over 200 US scholars have formed the Academic Freedom Alliance in a bid to protect freedom of expression, the Guardian has an insightful piece. For more information see this post from the Volokh Conspiracy.

Arab News has an article which is critical of the US media entitled “US media too often ignores the killing of Palestinian journalists.”

In the Courts

Uzuegbunam v. Preczewski, an important Supreme Court case centred on freedom of speech. The case concerns the activities of an Evangelical Christian who sought to speak and hand out flyers on Georgia Gwinnett College Campus. He was approached by staff who told him he could not continue his activities and later applied for a pass to speak and hand out literature on one of the two campus’ free speech zones. He was then told that he could not do so after the campus received complaints from students. The campus policy stated speech that “disturbs the peace and/or comfort of persons” was banned. Another student who was dissuaded from speaking about his religion after hearing about Uzuegbunam’s experiences sued with him.  They argued that the policy violated the first amendment. During litigation the College amended the policy and argued the students no long had standing for litigation. It was held that Article 3’s redressability element was satisfied if the plaintiff’s claim is based on a completed violation of a legal right. Nominal damages were sufficient and justified.

Domen v Vimeo, Vimeo was not liable for deleting an account of a church which promoted gay conversion therapy pursuant to s.230 of the Communications Decency Act.

People of the State of New York v Griepp 18-2454-cv, a case considering whether an injunction was warranted against several abortion protestors for protests outside an abortion clinic in Queens.

This Round up was complied by Suneet Sharma a junior legal professional with a particular interest and experience in media, information and privacy law.