The US Congress is considering passing a Data Protection Bill in a bid to harmonise data protection regimes nationwide. BetaNews considers the implications and developments. There have also been calls for a US data protection agency to be established which a number of commentators have called for following Senator Kirsten Gillbrand’s proposal for such legislation.

The US media’s coverage of the spread of Covid-19 has been analysed by CNN and the BBC. The Verge has considered potential privacy matters during the pandemic.

The recent plans for Google to move to the US have been scrutinised by the Conversation which considers the implications of the move.

The Trump Campagins libel claims against the New York Times continues, creating a further commentary from news outlets.  The Wall Street Journal [£] comments on the fact that the claims can be considered “long shots”. The also highlight the risks of making the President testify under oath, giving evidence which could ultimately be damaging. The Atlantic considers the damaging nature of the lawsuits on freedom of the press.

Republican Devin Nunes has sued the Washington Post and one of its reporters for defamation. The action comes following a report, which is alledged to be fabricated, that Nunes told President Trump about an intelligence briefing about Russia and the 2020 election for members of Congress.

The World Politics Review, forecasting Russian interference with the next Presidential election, has commented that US media outlets are not ready for such subterfuge.

The Guardian has an article criticising the mainstream US media for its coverage of the Democratic presidential candidate race.

US privacy regulation have developed momentum and have been scrutinised by the International Business Times.

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This Round up was complied by Suneet Sharma a junior legal professional with a particular interest and experience in media, information and privacy law.