The new specialist Media and Communications List has now been in operation for four months.  It is governed by a new set of Civil Procedure Rules (CPR Part 53), accompanied by new Practice Directions (PD 53A and 53B).

There is also a Media and Communications List User Group (“MACLUG”).  This meets from time to time in plenary session and there is a Committee, including judicial, solicitor, barrister and public interest representatives which meets more regularly.

The Clerk to Mr Justice Warby, who administers MACLUG, is seeking to obtain contact details of individuals are interested in the work of MACLUG and would like to receive agendas and minutes of meetings.  This is so that they can be kept informed of the most up to date information in relation to the Media and Communications List.

Anyone interested should complete this Online Form so that their details can be added to the mailing list for receiving the agendas and minutes of future meetings.

The operation of the list is of vital interest to all media law practitioners because, as from 1 October 2019, all High Court claims which include

  • a claim for defamation
  • a claim for misuse of private private information;
  • a claim in data protection law; or
  • a claim for harassment by publication

must be issued in this specialist list.  Claims which are issued in a District Registry must be transferred to this list (or to a County Court).  Practitioners should, however, note that claims for breach of confidence may still be issued in the general list (or in the Business and Property Court).

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Online Form for subscriptions to the mailing list