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Inforrm Reaches Five Million Page Views

The total number of Inforrm page views has today reached 5 million – almost 10 years after our launch.  During that period we have had 4,940 posts from a large number of authors from all over the world covering a huge range of media and legal topics.

Thank you to all our readers for following the blog, to all our contributors and to everyone who has made comments, contributions and suggestions about the blog the since our launch. Particular thanks to those who have contributed to our weekly round ups over the years.

One of the main purposes of the Inforrm blog is to provide a forum for serious debate on media and legal issues and we repeat our invitation to anyone who is interested in a guest post (or repost) on any of the topics which we cover.   Please let us have any suggestions by email at

Apart from the “Home Page” and the Tables of Cases, the top ten posts of all time were written by eleven different authors and were (in descending order)


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