There are, at present, two open Government consultations of particular interest to readers of Inforrm.  These deal with “Online Harms” and with “Corporate Transparency”.  Responses must be lodged before the consultation deadlines.

The first is the consultation on the Online Harms White Paper [pdf].  The Government is seeking views on various aspects of its plans for regulation and tackling online harms, including:

  • the online services in scope of the regulatory framework;
  • options for appointing an independent regulatory body to implement, oversee and enforce the new regulatory framework;
  • the enforcement powers of an independent regulatory body;
  • potential redress mechanisms for online users; and
  • measures to ensure regulation is targeted and proportionate for industry.

This consultation closes at 23:59, 1 July 2019. Responses can be provided online using this link.

We have had a series of posts on this White Paper which make points which may feed into consultation responses:

Corporate Transparency

The second consultation is likely to be of particular interest to journalists and NGOs.  It concerns Corporate transparency and register reform. The consultation seeks views on a series of reforms to limit the risk of misuse:

  • knowing who is setting up, managing and controlling companies
  • improving the accuracy and usability of data on the companies register
  • protecting personal information on the register
  • ensuring compliance, sharing intelligence and other measures to deter abuse of corporate entities

This consultation closes at 23:45, 5 August 2019.   Responses can be provided online using this link.