Now that spring has officially arrived, it seemed a good time to do a little spring cleaning on the Inforrm blog roll.  We have dusted away moth-eaten links to inactive sites and buffed it up with some new sites.

The updating is a continuous and endless process.  Please let us know if we have made any mistakes and if there are sites that we should be adding to our blogroll for the great edification of our readers.

Here are the new additions:

Media law

  • The Guardian’s Media law page collates news and commentary in one handy place.
  • Law firm Cripps’ Media and Technology blog has news and commentary features.
  • The American Bar Association’s Journal website focuses on news and cases in the United States. (See US Media Blogs and Sites section.)

Privacy and data protection

  • DLA Piper’s Privacy Matters blog looks at privacy law news and issues from around the world.
  • Proskauer’s Privacy Law Blog, focuses on US law matters but pays close attention to EU matters also.
  • Norton Rose Fulbright’s Data Protection Report features content on data protection matters from around the world and is updated regularly.
  • IP Harbour is a blog run by legal professionals that reports on data protection, intellectual property, technology and music news.

Freedom of expression

  • Freedom House’s page on freedom of expression contains information on campaigns and reports on freedom of expression issues across the world.
  • The Guardian’s Freedom of speech page does the same thing as their Media Law page, listed above.


  • The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting, have two entries, one for their case commentary and another for their blog which covers the legal profession, commentary, events and reviews. Just type “media”, “defamation”, “privacy” or whatever else and you will be sure to find something useful.
  • Carter Ruck runs a blog featuring commentary on cases, reports and conferences.
  • The UK Constitutional Law Association blog contains pieces on general constitutional law matters
  • Law Firm, Mills and Reeve, feature news and commentary on their technology law update.


  • One of the most exciting additions is the new Media Law Podcast. You can listen to the podcast on Twitter itself or through iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud. Follow @MediaLawPodcast for more information.
  • The Media Blog is “having a well-earned break” but has set up a twitter account to keep its followers sated with satire and banter. Check out @MediaTweets for a lunch time chuckle.
  • The Guardian has a twitter account dedicated to media news, follow @mediaguardian

Sites you might miss

Many sites have been removed from INFORRM’s because they no longer exist. These include:

  • Churnalism
  • Libertus (Australia)
  • Juriscom (France)
  • net’s guide to technology, privacy and free speech

“Inactive and Less Active Blogs and Sites”

Finally, we have moved a number of blogs and sites to this category (formerly “Less Active Blogs”).  We have done this so that readers can refer to the content of blogs which are no longer being updated.

The category of “Less Active Blogs” is not scientific.  Some bloggers post every day (we try to), some only once every six months or even less frequently.  We have left some intermittently active blogs on the Blogroll in the hope that they may spring into action again.  In relation to others we have given up hope after some months (or sometimes years).  If you disagree with the description of your Blog or Site as “Inactive” or “Less Active” please let us know and we will revive you!

John-Paul Tettmar-Saleh is a writer, law student and aspiring media lawyer.  He is a researcher for Inforrm.