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14 02 2019
Alan Paige

The references to a “VAT waiver” are slightly misleading. There is no VAT on newspapers but, much more importantly, they are zero rated. This means they can recoup all the VAT invoiced to them. That’s a £200 million plus annual subsidy. If VAT is to be “waived” they should be VAT exempt rather than zero rated. Then they would not be able to enjoy an unjust government subsidy by recovering VAT on their supplies.

18 02 2019
Law and Media Round Up – 18 February 2019 | Inforrm's Blog

[…] for journalism” [pdf] was published.  This was largely welcomed by commentators. We had posts by Brian Cathcart and Steve Barnett.  There was a comment by Jonathan Heawood in the Press […]

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