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14 12 2018
gil gillespie (@gilgillespie)

Nonsense. You and the likes of Henry Winter are either lying about this or you are so blinded by your lust for racism that you are unable to see the truth behind the story.

Raheem Sterling is not being singled out by the tabloid press because he is black, he is being attacked because he plays for England, earns far too much money, runs like an eight-year-old girl and is disliked by most football fans in the country.

He is just the latest in a very long list of red top targets to be given this treatment and skin colour is nothing to do with it. Do the names Paul Gascoigne, David Beckham, John Terry or Wayne Rooney mean anything to you?

Phil Foden is given a pass because he is not yet an established player, he remains an underdog (in the mind of The Sun). When he has ‘not turned up’ on a number of occasions for England, he can expect the same kind of treatment.

You might think that this kind of behaviour from our media is unacceptable and it almost certainly is but to call it racist is much more to do with the moral panic state of mind currently afflicting journalists of the left.

17 12 2018
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