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24 06 2019

Very interesting, and thanks for this. I was reading about the ‘heroic’ Andrew Norfolk in Just A Child, a book by Sammy Woodhouse, victim of the Rotherham grooming gang. Now in many ways, the inverted commas are not necessary, as he alone seems to be the one to have revealed this scandal. That said, in another grooming memoir by a mother Karen Downes, she recounts how she is visited by a slimy Times journalist and, according to her, fitted up with allegations that her missing daughter was a prostitute and her family was incriminated. ‘What a shame she didn’t get a visit from the noble Andrew Norfolk!’ I thought to myself. A Google search later revealed that he was indeed the journo who did her over.

You really are in a ‘trust no-one situation’ with this story, not least because Sammy Woodhouse herself disputes the account of the whole affair given by youth worker Jayne Senior MBE in her book Broken and Betrayed; in fact there is no love lost between them and Woodhouse describes how she also got smeared as a prostitute who was handed around by several men.

Reading Ms Woodhouse’s book, you’d struggle not to conclude that the State i.e. local authorities and local police was running a paedophile ring, and that various actors have been brought in to ‘contain’ the story. Eg: the clearly bogus Westminster paedophile ring story as a bit of classic State misdirection.

Still, once the State’s got you not knowing who to believe (‘Fake news! Fake abuse!), it’s a case of ‘job done!’

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