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1 04 2018
8 07 2018
29 08 2018
If you don’t want the Daily Mail and the Sun receive public subsidies you need to say so now – Brian Cathcart | Inforrm's Blog

[…] hasn’t had much publicity, but a government process is under way whose aim is to pave the way for the delivery of public subsidies to the Daily Mail, the Sun, the […]

31 08 2018
The Cairncross Review: Tories move to subsidise the Mainstream media | TPN

[…] And according to Brian Cathcart from the International Forum for Responsible Media (Inforrm), the consultation is: […]

14 12 2018
Brexit, Leveson 2 and why 2019 could be the year for press reform – Brian Cathcart | Inforrm's Blog

[…] for the moment – but 2019 could bring possibilities. The May government seems eager to create new public subsidies for the press – but MPs might wish to ensure that public money only found its way to news organisations that […]

1 02 2019
The Cairncross Review and the Crisis of Journalism – Brian Cathcart | Inforrm's Blog

[…] the Cairncross Review was established by the government with the manifest intention of syphoning money to its close friends in these corporations – principally, we must assume, to […]

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