The Ministry of Justice has published the privacy injunction statistics for 2017.  These record a total of 14 applications for interim privacy injunctions, 11 of which resulted in injunctions being granted or, in one case, an undertaking being given and 3 which were refused.

This is a very substantial increase over 2016 when only 3 such applications were initially recorded.  However, as we pointed out at the time, those statistics appeared to be incomplete and the 2016 figure has been increased to 6 in the latest tables (see below)

The higher figure for 2017 can, in part, be accounted for by better record keeping after the establishment of the Media and Communications List in March 2017.  This also perhaps explains the fact that, for the first time, undertakings to the court were also recorded.

In addition, to the 14 injunction applications, there were 2 hearings in 2017 concering the continuation or variation of an existing injunction and one concerning the continuation of an undertaking.

There were 2 final privacy injunction proceedings in 2017 and one dealing with a final undertaking.

The statistics are to be found in Section 7 of the Civil Justice Quarterly for October to December 2017 [pdf], published on 1 March 2018 (the document mistakenly states its publication date as 1 March 2017!) and Tables 3.1 to 3,3 of the accompanying Tables [xlsx].  The statistics for the period 2011 to 2017 are summarised in the table below