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Summer Round Up, Research and Resources

The past month has produced a number of articles on media and legal issues which may be of interest to readers of Inforrm. We list these under five headings:  Freedom of Expression,  Fake News, Privacy, Right to be Forgotten and Intermediary Liability.

Freedom of Expression

Copyright on the Human Rights’ Trial: Redefining the Boundaries of Exclusivity Through Freedom of Expression, 45(3) International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law 316 (2014), Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI) Research Paper No. 2014-02, Christophe Geiger and Elena Izyumenko, Université de Strasbourg – CEIPI and Université de Strasbourg – CEIPI

Cheap Speech and What It Has Done (to American Democracy)First Amendment Law Review, Forthcoming , UC Irvine School of Law Research Paper No. 2017-38, Richard L. Hasen, University of California, Irvine School of Law,

Compelled Commercial Speech as Compelled Consent Speech, Journal of Law and Politics, Vol. 29, p. 517, 2014, Pacific McGeorge School of Law Research Paper, Leslie Gielow Jacobs, University of the Pacific – McGeorge School of Law.

Natural Rights and the First AmendmentYale Law Journal, Forthcoming, Jud Campbell, University of Richmond School of Law.

The First Amendment Issue of Our Time29 Yale Law and Policy Review: Inter Alia (Dec. 2010)., GWU Law School Public Law Research Paper No. 2017-47, GWU Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2017-47, Dawn Carla Nunziato, George Washington University Law School

Free Speech Originalism, Tyler Broker, University of Arizona – James E. Rogers College of Law.

Middle-Value SpeechSouthern California Law Review, Forthcoming, David S. Han, Pepperdine University School of Law.

Revisiting the Limits on Judicial Expression in the Digital Age: Striving Towards Proportionally in the Cyberintimidation ContextNational Journal of Constitutional Law, 2018, Forthcoming, Karen Eltis and Yigal Mersel, University of Ottawa – Faculty of Law; Affiliate- CITP Princeton and The Jerusalem District Court

Fake News

Identifying and Countering Fake NewsArizona Legal Studies Discussion Paper No. 17-15, Mark VerstraeteDerek E. Bambauer and Jane R. Bambauer, University of Arizona – James E. Rogers College of Law, University of Arizona – James E. Rogers College of Law and University of Arizona – James E. Rogers College of Law


Privacy and Data Protection by Rules Rather than Principles, Axel Tschentscher, Bern University – Law School.

Privacy and Court Records: Online Access and the Loss of Practical ObscurityUniversity of Illinois Law Review, Vol. 2017, No. 5, 2017, UNC Legal Studies Research Paper, David S. Ardia, University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill – School of Law.

Emerging Concept of Corporate Privacy: An AnalysisPanjab University Law Review, Forthcoming, Paramjeet Singh, Panjab University, Department of Laws

Right to be Forgotten

Search Engines and Press Archives between Memory and OblivionEuropean Public Law, Forthcoming, Irini Katsirea, Department of Journalism Studies, University of Sheffield.

Right to Be Forgotten: Much Ado About Nothing15(2) Colorado Technology Law Journal (2017 Forthcoming), Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI) Research Paper No. 2017-03, Giancarlo F. Frosio, Université de Strasbourg – CEIPI

Humans Forget, Machines Remember: Artificial Intelligence and the Right to Be ForgottenComputer Security & Law Review (Forthcoming), Eduard Fosch VillarongaPeter Kieseberg and Tiffany LiUniversity of Bologna – Research Center of History of Law, Philosophy and Sociology of Law, and Computer Science and Law (CIRSFID), SBA Research and Princeton University – Center for Information Technology Policy.

Intermediary Liability

Reforming Intermediary Liability in the Platform Economy: A European Digital Single Market Strategy111 Northwestern University Law Review Online, 2017, Forthcoming, Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI) Research Paper No. 2017-04, Giancarlo F. Frosio, Université de Strasbourg – CEIPI

The Internet Will Not Break: Denying Bad Samaritans Section 230 ImmunityFordham Law Review, Forthcoming, U of Maryland Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2017-22, Danielle Keats Citron and Benjamin Wittes, University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law and Brookings Institution.




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