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15 08 2017
The Challenges facing Print Media: Is Copyright Reform part of the Answer? – Hugh Stephens Blog

[…] Canada, as elsewhere, daily newspapers are dying on the vine. (One blog predicts that most British papers will cease print editions before the end of the 2020s). The […]

30 09 2017
Inforrm: End of 2017 Summer Break | Inforrm's Blog

[…] Newspapers how near is the end? – Brian Cathcart […]

12 12 2017
Trust in print journalism: it’s low and that matters – Brian Cathcart | Inforrm's Blog

[…] ears and listened. It is time they thought about how they might rebuild trust. In a few short years printed newspapers will cease to exist and almost all of the readers on whose clicks the incomes of journalists will depend will be able […]

23 11 2018
Future of journalism: papers must deliver value, to readers not shareholders – Mark Bradley | Inforrm's Blog

[…] is a compelling argument that printed newspapers will cease to exist, or may remain in existence as a niche offering. But freed from the shackles of shareholdings – […]

8 04 2020
Exploiting a Pandemic: Billionaire Press Owners Want Your Tax Money – Byline Times

[…] It would be folly, for example, to support print for print’s sake. Long before COVID-19 came along print sales were falling so fast it was clear that several national titles would soon have to stop publishing on paper. On its present trajectory, for example, the Mirror is doomed to achieve zero sales around 2025, and the Sun probably the following year. […]

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