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15 08 2017
The Challenges facing Print Media: Is Copyright Reform part of the Answer? – Hugh Stephens Blog

[…] Canada, as elsewhere, daily newspapers are dying on the vine. (One blog predicts that most British papers will cease print editions before the end of the 2020s). The […]

30 09 2017
Inforrm: End of 2017 Summer Break | Inforrm's Blog

[…] Newspapers how near is the end? – Brian Cathcart […]

12 12 2017
Trust in print journalism: it’s low and that matters – Brian Cathcart | Inforrm's Blog

[…] ears and listened. It is time they thought about how they might rebuild trust. In a few short years printed newspapers will cease to exist and almost all of the readers on whose clicks the incomes of journalists will depend will be able […]

23 11 2018
Future of journalism: papers must deliver value, to readers not shareholders – Mark Bradley | Inforrm's Blog

[…] is a compelling argument that printed newspapers will cease to exist, or may remain in existence as a niche offering. But freed from the shackles of shareholdings – […]

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