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Transparency Project: Family Court Reporting Watch – Weekly Round-Up

round-up-courtesy-flickr-lauri-heikkinen-1080x675The purpose of this update is to correct, clarify and comment on media reports of family court cases, to explain and comment on published Judgments of family cases and to highlight other transparency news.

Media Reports of Family Courts Case and Family Justice Issues

Media reports we found notably balanced, accurate or otherwise helpful to transparency this week

‘Online divorces to spare couples time and trouble’

  • Times Law published a helpful explanation of the digital divorce pilot due for implementation in 2017 and intended reform to current ‘fault’ based grounds, without resorting to unhelpful “quickie divorce” narratives. See here.

New Published Cases for Explanation or Comment

  • In case you missed this…

A Genius from another planetblog post explaining the legal judgment reported by the Telegraph report as ‘Millionaire seeks greater share in divorce because he is a ‘genius’, prompting court to examine the meaning of the word’.

In other Transparency News

Truss Orders review to ban abusers tormenting victims in family courts

  • Announced the Guardian prompting praise but also some twitter concern about use of language in the headline and lack of adequate acknowledgement either that the problem has predominantly arisen from the government cutting legal aid for parents in private law family proceedings; or of the Presidents tireless efforts over years to seek resolution. The Justice Secretary is now (according to the Guardian) considering whether primary legislation is necessary to end perpetrator cross-examination, or whether it could be stopped through the provision of more legal aid. See:

The Public Accounts Committee published a Progress Report on the Troubled Families Programme

A frantic rise in media reports about press regulation as the government consultation on next steps draws to a close on Tuesday

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This post originally appeared on the Transparency Project blog and is reproduced with permission and thanks.

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    “Media Reports of Family Courts Case and Family Justice Issues

    Media reports we found notably balanced, accurate or otherwise helpful to transparency this week

    Joanna Moorhead wrote in the Daily Mail about one couple’s experience of adopting through the Coram concurrent planning scheme in ‘Our maybe baby: A couple share their story of falling in love with an adopted baby they knew they might have to hand back’. The Coram concurrent planning scheme is a pioneering scheme running since 1999 not a revolutionary ‘new’ scheme, but the piece was otherwise accurate, realistic and sensitive to birth parents as well as adopters and children.
    See Transparency Project discussion of several recent media portrayals of adopted children, including this one, if missed: Adoption Children: Demons or Angels?.
    (And the Letter to the Times from the National Adoption and Fostering Service at the Maudsley Hospital on the harm to children from cuts to CAMHS in response to the Libby Purves piece on adoption in the Times).”

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