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Benjamin Pell’s Media and Law Quiz of the Year – 2014: Extension of Time

2014 quiz

Following a number of requests from interested but perplexed readers we have agreed to extend time for the completion of Benjamin Pell’s exciting Media and Law Quiz.  The time for entries will be extended to 23 January 2015.  We commend the quiz to our readers as both informative and entertaining!

After a break in the annual sequence in 2013, we are delighted to publish our media and law quiz for 2014 . This year’s quiz has been set by the winner of our 2010 and 2011 competitions, and our 2012 quiz master extraordinaire, Benjamin Pell.

This is an unrivalled opportunity for readers to pit their wits and knowledge of media law against the greatest living expert in the field.  And to make things easier, our quiz master has offered multiple choice questions.  Many of the answers can be found in Inforrm’s comprehensive 2014 media and law coverage.

The prize in this year’s quiz is a copy of Paul Bernal’s timely and thought provoking book, Internet Privacy Rights: Rights to Protect AutonomyCambridge University Press, 2014.

Answers should be submitted to Inforrm by Email (to by 16 January 2015 23 January 2015.  The editors’ decision on all matters relating to the quiz is, as usual, final.


(1) Put these ten events from 2014 into chronological order :

(i) Judgment in the first case involving “serious harm” and The Defamation Act 2013

(ii) The launch of IPSO

(iii) The CJEU’s decision in Google Spain v AEPD and Mario Costeja González

(iv) Bean J giving judgment in OPO v MLA & anr

(v) The Sunday Times’s apology to Kate and Gerry McCann over a front page story

(vi) The collapse of the trial involving Tulisa Contostavlos

(vii) Judgment in the Andrew Mitchell libel trial

(viii) Warby J being sworn in as a High Court judge

(ix) The sentencing of Andy Coulson

(x) Commencement of the privacy trial involving Paul Weller’s children

(2) Place the following in the order (from lowest to highest) of the amount of damages awarded by the judge:

(a) Garcia v Associated Newspapers Limited

(b) Asghar v Nawaijang

(c)  Appleyard v Wilby

(d)  Weller v Associated Newspapers Limited

(3) The following letter appeared in The Times following the judgment in the Andrew Mitchell libel trial. Complete the quote “Perhaps the verdict in such trials should be decided by the toss of a coin or alternatively by…”

(a) …a  jury

(b) …a judge who hasn’t been to Eton

(c) …a plebiscite

(d) …a wheelies contest

(4) Complete this quote from The Guardian which appeared after the judgment in The Mitchell trial “I wondered how it felt for Rowland, his vindication over one insult from a public schoolboy…”

(a) ”…tainted by a costs award against him”

(b) ”…ruined by the humiliation of being described as witless”

(c) ”…being considered by the judge to be worth only £5000”

(d) “…sealed with an insult from another one”

(5) Which of the following said they were going to intervene in the Mitchell libel trial?

(a) The Bicycle Association

(b) Michael Crick

(c) Liberty

(d) The Police Federation

(6) About which media lawyer was the following said in a TV drama this year? “He is an expert on defamation and privacy. I don’t think there is anyone better”

(a) Mark Lewis

(b) Mark Stephens

(c) Louis Charalambous

(d) Paul Tweed

(7) Which media lawyer is mentioned on one of the best selling DVDs of the year?

(a) David Attfield

(b) Alastair Brett

(c) Prash Naik

(d) Tom Crone

(8) Which one of the following statements about IPSO is correct?

(a)  In one of its first rulings, it ordered The Sun to publish an apology on Page 3

(b)  The Government was blamed by the Chairman for failing to deliver on its promises

(c)  The IPSO Twitter feed has produced over 70 Tweets thus far

(d)  A majority of the board members represent the newspaper industry

(9) Who mentioned the “Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese” pub in a speech?

(a)  Sir David Eady

(b)  Sir Alan Moses

(c)  Lord Neuberger

(d)  Lord Thomas

(10) Who said about whom “You are the lucky one” ?

(a)  Judge Alistair McCreath to Tulisa Contostavlos when dismissing the jury in her trial at Southwark Crown Court

(b)  Mr Justice Saunders to Glenn Mulcaire when sentencing him

(c)  Sir Hayden Phillips to Sir Alan Moses when appointing him chair of IPSO

(d)  The Daily Mail in a headline congratulating George Clooney after his engagement to Amal Alamuddin

(11)  Which is the odd one out in the following list of cases?

(a) Greig v Stirling & anr

(b) Hamaizia & Anor v The Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis

(c)  Garcia v Associated Newspapers Limited

(d) Mionis v Democratic Press SA & Ors

(12) Who is the odd one out?

(a)  Prince William

(b)  Adele

(c)  David Beckham

(d)  Paul Weller

(13) Who criticised David Cameron over his apology for employing Andy Coulson?

(a)  Rebekah Brooks

(b)  Clive Goodman

(c)  Boris Johnson

(d)  Mr Justice Saunders

(14) In what context was the following remark made-“Andy Coulson continues to endure appalling indignities in prison”?

(a)  Not being transferred to an open prison

(b)  A visit by Piers Morgan

(c)  Being forced to share a cell at Belmarsh with Neville Thurlbeck

(d)  Having his mobile phone confiscated

(15) In which case did no appeal take place even though Permission To Appeal had been given by the first instance judge?

(a)  Cooke & anr v MGN & anr

(b)  OPO v MLA & anr

(c)  Vidal-Hall v Google Inc

(d)  PNM v Times Newspapers

(16) Who was incorrectly described as a Deputy High Court judge in a judgment handed down this year?

(a)  Warby J

(b)  Sir Michael Tugendhat

(c)  HHJ Richard Parkes QC

(d)  Sir David Eady

(17) Who was incorrectly described on the Judiciary website as a judge sitting in the Family Division?

(a)  Warby J

(b)  Sir Michael Tugendhat

(c)  HHJ Richard Parkes QC

(d)  Sir David Eady

(18)  Over what allegation published in The Sun newspaper about him has Russell Brand not sued or threatened to sue this year?

(a)  Infidelity

(b)  Hypocrisy

(c)  Unamusing

(d)  Deceit

(19) Who opened new premises in Gray’s Inn Square?

(a)  IPSO

(b)  Early Resolution

(c)  5RB

(d)  The Press Recognition Panel

(20)  Which is the odd one out?

(a)  Hodge Jones & Allen LLP v Times Newspapers Ltd

(b)  Brand v NGN

(c)  Walliams v NGN

(d)  Fernandez-Versini v Bauer Consumer Media Ltd

(21)  The following 8 quotes are either from Sir Alan Moses or Christian Bale playing Moses in Exodus: Gods and Kings. Match them with the correct Moses. However, one of the quotes is a red (sea?) herring-Identify the person who said it

(a)  I love everything that I know about you and I trust in what I don’t.

(b)  Manic firing of a big bazooka

(c) Disinformation means telling half-truths, the part that is most convenient to me, and not saying the other half.

(d) Rather too complicated for us ordinary mortals to understand

(e) You can stop living like a king. You’re not one…Remember this. I am prepared to fight-For eternity.

(f) (After being told ‘You’ll not always agree with me’). Nor you with me. I’ve noticed…Do not turn your back on me.

(g) An analysis that would do credit to any rabbinical study of the Talmud

(h) Follow me and you will be free. Stay and you will perish.


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