2014-02-24During the eight months of the Phone Hacking Trial there were many interesting and entertaining moments and nuggets of information about the defendants and their newspapers were made public. Emily Penink of the Press Association has gathered twenty six of them into an A-Z of some memorable moments in the hacking trial.

:: A – Archbishop. The former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey made an appearance in the trial as a character witness for retired Stuart Kuttner, whom he described as a man of “integrity”.

:: B – “Babykins” – what Prince William called his then girlfriend Kate Middleton in a voicemail.

:: C – Cat. According to News of the World reporter Dan Evans, even the office cat knew about phone hacking.

:: D – Diana. The late Princess of Wales leaked information to News of the World after her break-up with Prince Charles, according to royal editor Clive Goodman.

:: E – Edis. Andrew Edis, the softly-spoken silver-haired QC in charge of the prosecution case, gave no quarter to the defendants in the witness box. Andy Coulson’s barrister complained he could even make “running for a bus” appear sinister.

:: F – Fairy. Charlie Brooks once drank the washing up liquid as a hangover cure, a friend told the court.

:: G – Glenn Mulcaire. Not only did the private detective hack phones for the News of the World, he also played football for Wimbledon and had the nickname Trigger, the court heard.

:: H – Hacking went on on an “industrial scale” at the News of the World, Clive Goodman said. So much so that even Brooks was among Mulcaire’s targets, the court heard.

:: I – ‘I love you‘ – how Sienna Miller signed off a voicemail message to Bond star Daniel Craig. It was hacked by Dan Evans and sparked interest in a potential story, the court heard. Miller said it was a phrase she commonly used with her close friends.

:: J – “Jump off a cliff” – what hacking reporter Dan Evans said he was told he might as well do if he did not come up with a big story.

:: K – Kiss and tell, a staple at the News of the World. Andy Coulson was acutely aware of the hypocrisy of outing personal relationships through hacking in light of his own on-off affair with Rebekah Brooks, which he said spanned nine years.

:: L – Lone wolf. Hacking reporter Goodman said he was encouraged to say he had acted as a lone wolf at the News of the World. The company’s rogue reporter line was blown out of the water in 2011 when more staff were implicated.

::  M – Mobiles: When Coulson’s mobile went off while he was in the witness box, BlackBerry addict Rebekah Brooks went to retrieve it but struggled with the handset. She held it up, and declared: “It’s an iPhone and I can’t use it.”

:: N – Nuts. Chelsy Davy was driving Prince Harry “nuts” with 60 calls and texts in a month, according to Goodman in an e-mail.

:: O – Old Bailey. Among the observers in the oak-panelled Court 12 were actress Sarah Alexander and Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson, a friend of Charlie Brooks.

:: P – “Pizzagate”. This was what security guards dubbed the search for lost bags of property stashed in the car park of the Brooks’s flat. So-called because one of the security detail delivered pizza to Charlie Brooks as he left the bags behind bins.

:: Q – The Queen. Coulson said Goodman’s idea of MI5 monitoring the young princes William and Harry would have been considerably more interesting than “Her Majesty’s relationship with the police over bowls of nuts” – in reference to one of the royal reporter’s earlier stories.

:: R – River Thames. Evans said he chucked mobiles in the river after using them for hacking. Police divers searched but failed to find anything.

:: S – Soundproof.  A News of the World journalist shouted so loudly that a “secret” room used for working on exclusives had to be soundproofed, the court heard. Coulson later denied the suggestion or that there was bullying at the paper.

:: T – Titus Bramble – there was laughter in court as Clive Goodman mistook the Ipswich footballer for a royal protection officer when he was asked about the name in hacker Mulcaire’s notes.

:: U – Unusual. The presence of a single conker in Charlie Brooks’s stash left some Twitter observers of the trial stumped.

:: V – Volumes II and III of Lesbian Psychodrama. The DVDs were among Charlie Brooks’s porn collection which was among the items hidden in the car park of the London flat he shared with Rebekah Brooks.

:: W -“Willy in a bikini”, headlined a News of the World story about Prince William dressing up as a Bond girl for a party.

:: X- Sealed with a kiss. Tony Blair sent supportive texts to Rebekah Brooks before her arrest, saying in one: “I’m really sorry about it all. Call me if you need to. Tx”.

:: Y – Yawns. It may have been billed as the trial of the century, but one man appeared to lose track of the evidence and dozed off in court.

:: Z-list – While he might not have been on the Z-list, Andy Coulson said he was not very interested in an exclusive about Calum Best, the celebrity son of footballer George Best. He said his e-mail to “do his phone” did not refer to him at all, but to checking the billing data of a phone belonging to one of his reporters suspected of leaks.

This post originally appeared on Medialawyer and is reproduced with permission and thanks