HelenaKennedy-300x200Much of the UK Press has been highly critical of the Human Rights Act, and the anger appears to be rising in the run-up to the European Parliament elections and the 2015 General Election.

The Mail on Sunday called it ‘A Charter for criminals and parasites‘. The Sun has written about ‘Inhuman Rights‘ and lambasts the HRA for preventing the deportation of criminals from the UK. The Express has called it the ‘Human Wrongs Act‘ and accused it of being ‘An insult to decent people‘. Newspapers regularly cite examples which they claim demonstrate the absurdity of the Act and the damage done by it.

In the week of the elections to the European Parliament, as UKIP seeks to become the UK’s biggest party in Europe, Baroness Helena Kennedy QC will examine the press and the Human Rights Act. She will assess the extent to which the press are right about the Act, and the degree to which these individual cases represent the HRA fairly.

This is the inaugural Media Standards Trust and King’s Policy Institute Media & Public Policy Lecture.

The talk will be at King’s College London, in the main campus building on the Strand, on the evening of Tuesday 20th May, starting at 6.30pm. More details of the talk can be found here.

Tickets are free but registration is required. You can register for the event here. Seats cannot be guaranteed. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment.