2 million hitsThe Inforrm blog yesterday reached two million hits –  just over 4 years after our launch.  Once again, we would like to thank all our readers and the many people who have contributed to the success of the blog over this period and particularly the large number of people who have written for the blog over the past 4 years.

We reached 500,000 hits in June 2011 and one million hits in May 2012.  We have now had over 2,000 posts on the blog (searchable from our front page.  The blog has over a 1,000 followers (who receive emails of each new post) and our increasingly active Twitter feed (retweeting links to new media and law stories) has over 2,000 followers.  Follow us @inforrm

Our Top Twenty Posts of all time have been as follows (in descending order of popularity):

Finally, to repeat a point we have made many times since our launch – one of the main purposes of the Inforrm blog is to provide a forum for serious debate on media and legal issues and we repeat our invitation to anyone who is interested in a guest post (or repost) on any of the topics which we cover.   Subject to the usual rules of lawfulness, decency and the avoidance of gratuitous personal attacks we accept contributions on media and legal topics from all points of view.  Please let us have any suggestions by email at inforrmeditorial@gmail.com.