2000 postThis week the Inforrm blog reached the important milestone of 2,000 posts.  We have been posting since January 2010 so that is an average of something like 10 posts a week.  Over that period we have had one and three quarter million page views – an average of nearly 900 views for each post. By an odd coincidence we also, this week, reached 2,000 followers on Twitter.

We reached 500 posts in February 2011, 1000 posts in Februrary 2012 and 1500 posts in December 2012.

The blog now has a large archive of legal and media material – which can be searched using the search box on the front page – or by the “Categories” in the bottom right.  Some of these are quite general – such “Legal” and “Media“.  There are no less than 410 posts in the category “Libel” and 400 in the category “Privacy” – compared to 319 in the category “Leveson Inquiry” and 78 in the category “Phone Hacking“.

At the other end of the scale there is only three posts about media law in China,  two posts about Hong Kong, and one each about Israel and the Phillipines.  Anyone who would like to blog about developments in these countries (or others where our coverage has been sparse) should let get in touch with the Editors at inforrm@gmail.com.

In addition, we have our Table of Media Law Cases – with links to cases and comments from cases from early 2010 – and tables of Defamation and Privacy cases.

It is impossible to provide a representative selection of the 2,000 Inforrm posts but we will mention 10 posts which we think readers might like to read:

The 10 most popular Inforrm posts of all time are (in descending order of popularity)