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Inforrm reaches 2,000 followers on Twitter

Inforrm TwitterIt has recently come to our attention that some of our older readers are not aware of Inforrm’s presence on Twitter – @Inforrm.  We began by tweeting Inforrm posts but, recently we have sought to expand our coverage by tweeting links to media and law stories as they appear.  Some of these can be found at the end of this post.

This week Inforrm reached 2,000 followers on Twitter – (in addition to the 966 subscribers to the blog).

We have previously pointed out that Twitter is a very good source of media and law information – see Judith Townend’s list of 105 people to follow on Twitter.

Twitter is very useful even for those older readers who don’t want to tweet themselves – once a twitter account is active it is possible to follow others who tweet in the area in which you are interested and to read their tweets without ever joining the conversation yourself.

For those readers who do use Twitter please draw our attention to interesting media and law tweets – we can then pass them on to our followers.

These are some examples of recent Inforrm media law tweets:

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