EasterThe Inforrm blog is taking a break from regular posting over Easter.  The English law courts are closed until 9 April 2013, the House of Commons is not sitting again until 15 April 2013, and the House of Lords until 22 April 2013.  Inforrm will have a more modest break – until 8 April 2013.

We will however, continue to have the occasional post over the next 10 days – catching up with some “Case Comments” and with some important news items.  As usual, we invite posts from readers on “Media and Law” topics.  Contact us via the Inforrm email: inforrmeditorial@gmail.com

Meanwhile, we recently passed 1,700 posts – an average of more than one a day over the 3 years and 3 months we have been publishing.  And our readership continues to increase.  Our total page views now stand at 1.49 million.  The Inforrm twitter feed (@Inforrm) is approaching 2,000 followers. Thank you again to all contributors, readers, subscribers and followers.

The “hottest topic” over recent months has been the arguments over the implementation of the Leveson recommendations on the self-regulation of the press and we have, inevitably, had a large number of posts on this topic.  We have, however, sought to keep a balance – for those readers who have lost all interest in the subject (or never had it).

The most popular posts over the the past month were, in descending order:

Privacy, Monstering and the Press: the case of Lucy Meadows

Briefing Note on Exemplary Damages and Costs – Gill Phillips

News: Leveson, Scotland Expert Group Recommends Statute, Regulator for all Publishers and Failsafe

News: The Defamation Bill and Leveson Amendments and Cross Party Talks

Why extending exemplary damages is the best approach for public interest journalism – Hugh Tomlinson QC

The Royal Charter, Bloggers and Internet regulation – an extension too far? – Tim Lowles

The most popular posts over the past year have been “Leveson free”, as follows:

“The cases of Vanessa Perroncel and John Terry – a curious legal affair” – Dominic Crossley

La Regina Nuda and Italian Privacy Law – Athalie Matthews and Giacomo Parmigiani

The BBC, Lord McAlpine and Libel Law

Case Law: Von Hannover v Germany (No.2) – Unclear clarification and unappreciated margins – Kirsten Sjøvoll

The Mail and the naked prince – Brian Cathcart

Case Law: Růžový Panter, OS v Czech Republic: Anti-Corruption NGO defamation case, no violation of Article 10