Lord Justice Leveson will, later today, deliver the long awaited report of Part 1 of his Inquiry into the “Culture, Practice and Ethics of the Press”.  The Report will be published at 1.30pm, some sixteen and half months after the Inquiry was announced.  The report was delivered to the Prime Minister at midday on Wednesday 28 November 2012. 

The timetable for the day is as follows:

11.30 am    The Core Participants and the Press will be given advance copies of the Report in “Reading Rooms” at the QEII Conference Centre.  There will be a “lock in” so that the contents will remain confidential until the moment of publication.

1.30 pm  Lord Justice Leveson will make a short statement about the Report at the QEII Conference Centre.  He will not be taking questions or giving interviews.  The Report will be published and there will be a link to it on the Inquiry Website.

2.00 pm  Media Reform Coalition Lobby of Parliament on Media Reform

3.00 pm  The Prime Minister will make a statement about the Report in the House of Commons.

4.00 pm  Hacked Off will hold a Press Conference about the Report, with a number of Core Participant Victims.

Meanwhile, Twitter has been alive with speculation about the Report – an complaints about the lack of leaks (see #Leveson).  Much speculation has centred on the length.  Nick Robinson was tweeting

“I understand that it is hundreds of pages long and that officials have been seen carrying it around Downing St in cardboard boxes”.

He later revised this “2,000 pages” – which now appears to the favourite among those tweeting about the length of the report.

The Editor of the Financial Times has apparently told the paper’s journalists not to tweet commentary or analysis of the report

“We will have commentary but it will stretch beyond 140 characters – and it will be written by seasoned journalists who have read and reflected on the report.

And in case you have forgotten, “Telegraph TV” has a quick compilation of highlights from the Inquiry