The Tables of Cases across the top of Inforrm blog have been supplemented and updated.  We now have four different tables, containing references to media law cases decided over the past three years.  The table of Privacy cases has now been brought up to date.  In summary the four tables cover the following material.

The fullest is the Table of Media Law Cases which seeks to provide a comprehensive coverage of the English cases – with some added international material.  In general, in this table we only list those cases where we can link to the full judgments – usually on the invaluable Bailii website. We have also included links to the case comments on this blog and on other useful sites such as the sites of barristers’ chambers 5RB and One Brick Court and to the RPC Privacy Blog.  We have also included links to some other blogs such as UK Human Rights Blog where there are useful case comments.

The table of “Forthcoming Cases“.  This deals with both cases which are listed for hearing and ones which have been heard where judgment is awaited.  All suggestions for further cases to include are welcomed.

We have added a table of Defamation Cases – compiled by Judith Townend.  This includes, in three different tabs, all the first instance defamation cases in England and Wales that we are aware of for the years 2009-2010, 2010-2011, and 2011-2012.  Further detail is given in Judith Townend’s post “Defamation Trials, Summary Determinations and Assessments: 2011 to 2012“.

In addition, Judith Townend has updated the Inforrm table of “Privacy Cases” – which now includes all cases that we are aware of from January 2010 to October 2012.  This covers cases where no judgments are available but where on the basis of press or other reports a privacy hearing can be identified.

We would be grateful for suggested additions to any of these tables from readers and any suggestions as to further tables which we might make available.