Intellectual property has reached a crossroads in its relationship with the new digital world. With the impending Digital Economy Act and multi-jurisdictional nature of new media, the expanding digital environment continues to create both challenges and opportunities for the protection and enforcement of intellectual property.

With the recent DEA judicial review finding in favour of the rights holder, it would appear that efforts to protect intellectual property in the digital age are making progress. Striking a balance between the rights of copyright holders and the societal benefits of new technology is however proving difficul

On 28 September 2012 these issues will be addressed at a LexisNexis Butterworths conference on Intellectual Property in the Digital Enviroment.  The conference will take place in Central London.

The conference will explore the challenge of IP enforcement in the digital age. Topics covered include:

  • The implications of the IPO’s report into Digital Opportunity;
  • The challenges in dealing with online piracy;
  • The European Commission’s consultation on online intermediaries
  • Exploration of international approaches to digital enforcement
  • Forecasts for the future of intellectual property

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