Our attention has been drawn to a new book, “Privacy Injunctions and the Media: A Practice Manual” by Iain Goldrein QC.  This is intended to be a practical manual that details how to argue a case and contains check-lists and quality control protocols.  It aims to sets out the law relating to privacy injunctions, and best practice in relation to seeking or opposing this form of relief.

In the foreword by Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury, MR he writes

In this welcome new book on Privacy Injunctions and the Media: A Practice Manual, Iain Goldrein QC provides a clear, insightful and, perhaps most importantly, practical guide to the way in which the courts have developed the law of privacy in the past decade or so. The book provides a readily accessible and properly comprehensive route through the substantive law of privacy as it now stands, its relationship with freedom of expression, and the balance to be struck between them. On its own, and given the ways in which the law has developed, this would be a significant achievement and should, deservedly, see this work become an essential reference work for lawyers, litigants and those generally interested in the law … I commend it to all those who are interested in the development of the law in this important area, and particularly to those who want practical guidance.

The publishers of the book, Hart Publishing say:

A string of high profile law suits has drawn attention to a rapidly developing and controversial branch of media law – the use of privacy injunctions to restrain publication of information relating to the private lives of individuals. The purpose of this book is to set out the law relating to privacy injunctions, and best practice in relation to seeking or opposing this form of relief. Such best practice is targeted not just at litigators.  This book is aimed also at journalists who are the watchdogs of the freedoms of our society, and other organs of the media”.

The book reflects the agenda (included in the foreword to the book) set by Lord Neuberger’s Report of 2011 and the subsequent Practice Guidance.

The book’s Table of Contents can be read here and the Preface here.

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