Wordle: UntitledThis post gives a selection of research papers on media law topics published in the last six months. While increasing numbers of academic articles are now freely available online, many are still only accessible via subscription-only journals. This list contains a mix of both.

General resources, such as the invaluable SSRN site, are listed at the bottom. Please add your own suggestions for articles and resources in the comments below, or drop me an email jt.townend@gmail.com.


Freely available

Available via subscription

  • ‘A new dawn for website owners – liability in libel for blogs and posts – Davison v Habeeb’, Eileen Weinert, Entertainment Law Review 2012
  • ‘The Swing of the Pendulum: Reputation, Expression and the Recentering of English Libel Law’ Andrew Scott and Alastair Mullis, Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, 62(2) 2012 [forthcoming]
  • ‘Legislative Comment, Lord Lester’s Defamation Bill: striking a balance?’ Siamala Krishnan, Entertainment Law Review 2012

Privacy/Data Protection

Freely available

  • ‘Law and the Open Internet’, Adam Candeub,Michigan State University College of Law, Daniel John McCartney, Michigan State University College of Law, Federal Communications Law Journal, Forthcoming, MSU Legal Studies Research Paper No. 09-22

Available via subscription

  • ‘Kiss ‘n’ Tell Stories: Not An Open Goal for Claimants?’ Keith Mathieson [2012] 23 Ent LR 14-17
  • ‘New Guidance on Best Practice in Interim Applications to Restrain the Publication of Information’, Brid Jordan [2012] 23 Ent LR 1-4
  • ‘The Public Interest in Press Intrusion into the Private Lives of Celebrities: The Decision in Ferdinand v MGN Ltd’, Steve Foster, Communications Law, Vol.16 No.4, 2011 129-134
  • ‘Twitter Undermines Superinjunctions’, Ursula Smartt, Communications Law, Vol.16 No.4, 2011 135-139
  • ‘The Right to Privacy and Advance Notification’, Paul Mora and Ashley Savage, Journal Citation: [2011] 22 Ent LR 233-241

Media Regulation

Freely available

  • ‘Controlling New Media (without the Law)‘, Mira Burri, University of Bern Law School – World Trade Institute, Handbook of Media Law & Policy, Monroe Price & Stefaan Verhulst, eds., Routledge, 2012, NCCR Trade Regulation Working Paper No. 2011/71

Open Justice/Freedom of Expression

Freely available

  • ‘Whither Freedom of the Press?‘ Randall P. Bezanson, University of Iowa College of Law, U Iowa Legal Studies Research Paper No. 12-01, Iowa Law Review, Forthcoming

Available via Subscription

  • ‘Televising Judges’ Sentencing and Statements for what Purpose?’ Sheriff Marcus Stone (2011) 175 JPN 624

Open resources

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And as a postscript

The excellent UK-based Journal of Media Law (Hart Publishing) is due to publish its next issue (Volume 3, Number 2) soon. The journal’s previous issue, published in July 2011, can be found here (purchase/subscription required).

This round up was compiled for Inforrm by Judith Townend, a freelance journalist and PhD researcher examining legal restraints on the media, who runs the Meeja Law blog. She is @jtownend on Twitter.