Inforrm Resources

Our regular readers will have noticed a new feature on the home page this week – a “Resources” box in the right hand column.  We have introduced this to provide instant access to some resources which are useful to media lawyers but which some readers may find difficult to locate quickly.

The first link in this box is something which is, in fact, not available elsewhere.  It is an editable Word version of the Model Non-Disclosure Order attached to the Master of the Rolls “Practice Guidance on Interim Non-Disclosure Orders” (also in the box).

On an application for an Interim Non-Disclosure Order the proper practice is now to use the Model Order as a template and to explain to the judge any additions or deletions in the draft order which the Court is being asked to make.  At the same time the Judge’s attention should be drawn to Practice Direction 51F the “Non-Disclosure Injunctions Information Collection Pilot Scheme“.

We have also included in the Resource Box a link to the Court of Appeal Case Tracker – an under-used resource which shows the present position of all Civil Appeals pending before the Court of Appeal – including the presently proposed “constitution” of the Court for any forthcoming hearing.

We thought it unnecessary to include a link in the Resource Box to the invaluable Bailii – which provides up to date case law from England and Wales (and around the world).  Instant access to this can be obtained by clicking the Bailii Logo on our Home Page.

Please let us know if there are any other useful and not immediately accessible media law resources which could usefully be placed in the Resource Box on our Home page.