Yesterday the Culture Media and Sport Committee deferred its decision to recall James Murdoch pending further information being sought from inter alia former employees of News International.

In the meantime the Committee has published on its website letters received by Jon Chapman formerNews International  Head of Legal Affairs and Messrs Harbottle and Lewis, these are available here and here.

Chapman’s letter refers to serious inaccuracies in statements made to Select Committee in evidence and that he is taking advice from his lawyers on these matters and the question of the ongoing investigation by the police. Subject to that, he said he would be “delighted to cooperate fully” with the Committee.

In its letter of 21 July 2011 to the Committee, Harbottle and Lewis record that Linklaters “now acting for News Corps and News International” have sent an email confirming a limited waiver of privilege, limited to responding to the police and any relevant Parliamentary Committee. It appears therefore that there may be further detailed response from that firm.

No suggestion has so far been made that legal privilege has already be waived in 2009 by the release by News International of the the Harbottle and Lewis letter of advice dated 29 May 2007 and produced to the 2009 Select Committee and published in its report at EV 467. News International also submitted other written evidence at EV464, EV469 and EV482.

It  now appears that Newscorps/ News International/ Newsgroup Newspapers Limited  are currently instructing the solicitors’ firms Farrers,  Olswangs, BCL Burton Copeland and Linklaters LLP.

The New York Times yesterday published an article about the genesis of the Harbottle and Lewis letter of advice produced to the 2009 Select Committee and the content of the 2500 emails.