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Inforrm Blog reaches half a million page views

The total number of Inforrm page views yesterday reached 500,000 – 17 months after our launch.  During the same period we had slightly over 160,000 visits to the blog from all over the world.   Thank you to all our readers for following the blog, to all our contributors and to everyone who has made positive comments since our launch.

Over the past 17 months we have had 675 posts from more than 60 different contributors on a wide range of topics in relating to the media and media law.

One of the main purposes of the Inforrm blog is to provide a forum for serious debate on media and legal issues and we repeat our invitation to anyone who is interested in a guest post (or repost) on any of the topics which we cover.   Please let us have any suggestions by email at

Apart from the “Home Page” and the Tables of Cases, the top ten posts of all time were (in descending order)

Case Law: ETK v News Group Newspapers “Privacy Injunctions and Children” – Edward Craven

The MP and the “Super-Injunction” – rumour, myth and distortion (again)

Wayne Rooney’s Private Life and the Public Interest

“The cases of Vanessa Perroncel and John Terry – a curious legal affair” – Dominic Crossley

Privacy law: the super-injunction is dead

Anonymity, “Take That” and Reporting Privacy Injunctions

Opinion: “Supreme Court of Canada Recognizes Limited Right to Access Government Documents” Paul Schabas and Ryder Gilliland

Responsible journalism and William Hague

Defamation in Scotland – mostly quiet on the northern front?

Case Law: JIH v News Group Newspapers, anonymity regained – Edward Craven

We would also welcome suggestions from readers on other areas that they would like us to cover on the blog.

The Inforrm Editorial Team


  1. Antonin I. Pribetic

    Congratulations. Very impressive milestone. Keep up the excellent analysis.

  2. Elaine Decoulos

    Congratulations as well. It’s a first class publication, the best media law blog in the English language. I have been spreading the word in America. I wish more people would comment. I seem to be one of very few.

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