During the first 5 months of 2011, we have had nearly 250 posts on Inforrm the usual range of topics – privacy, libel, media and international.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, over the last 5 months the most viewed posts have been those relating to privacy, anonymisation and “super-injunctions”.   The most popular posts of 2011 so far, in descending order are as follows:

1. Case Law: ETK v News Group Newspapers “Privacy Injunctions and Children” – Edward Craven

2. The MP and the “Super-Injunction” – rumour, myth and distortion (again)

3.  Privacy law: the super-injunction is dead

4.  Libel, Blackmail and Anonymity: ZAM – the super injunction that never was

5.  Opinion: “CTB and Imogen Thomas, Eady versus the Tabloid Press?” – Tim Lowles

6.  What now for contemptuous tweeting and media innuendo in the privacy injunction saga? – Judith Townend

7.  Anonymised “privacy injunction” hearings – January to March 2011

8.  Case Law: OPQ v BJM – a privacy injunction “contra mundum”

9.  Case Law: ZAM v CFW – an anonymised interim libel injunction

10.  Case Law: CTB v News Group Newspapers: privacy law and the judiciary – Edward Craven

The first two of these posts are now top of the all time Inforrm popularity list followed by the 2010 favourites

Wayne Rooney’s Private Life and the Public Interest [Updated]

“The cases of Vanessa Perroncel and John Terry – a curious legal affair” – Dominic Crossley