Last week we had a post on media blogs which produced a lot of interest and comment.  Our attention was drawn to a number of other blogs which had not made our list and to a number of twitter feeds largely devoted to media issues.  This post is intended to fill the gaps in the last one and to add the twitter feeds to our lists.

Press Not Sorry was created following a suggestion from a member of our Facebook group, Press Not Sorry. This group was originally set up to highlight bad journalism, and as a place to share ideas on how to create a more accountable press, and a more effective, less conflicted, Press Complaints Comission.  Its first post was in September 2010 – about a story in the “Daily Mail”, which has been a constant theme since,

The #press reform blog is also new – its first post was in January 2011.  It describes itself as having been born of a growing unease felt by three regular users of Twitter : @MagsNews, @mulberrybush, and @yorkierosie – concerned about the health of democracy and truth.  It has good up to date lists of articles on Health, Phone Hacking and the PCC.

The DemocracyFail blog is a new blog about media ownership and the campaign for a media commission on ownership and competition – “standing up to the creeping power of the media empires and speaking up for fairness and freedom in the press and broadcasting“.

We should have mentioned three media blogs which have been going for some time.  There is Primly Stable, “Showing journalists and politicians the respect they deserve” – a good indication of its contents can be obtained from its last two posts “More made up Jordan news from the Star” and “Mail takes the gold in talking crap”.  The author of  the No Sleep ’til Brooklands, invites readers to join him as “he wallows in the curious world of crap journalism, lazy journalism, evil journalism, pseudoscience and general media chicanery” – has been blogging since January 2009.  The Nothing Special blog – has “news comment, and media analysis” – aiming primarily to provide comment on and analysis of online media performance.

We would also like to mention the only that in you blog – which is about media issues with, among other areas, an interest in the “Winterval” myth; Exclarotive – a blog about journalism and the media, “particularly the dark side of it” and a new blog, Forty Shades of Grey which has some hard hitting posts on recent media stories.  And finally, the Shouting at Cows blog, with its own section dedicated to the Daily Mail

Most of the authors of the blogs we have mentioned also tweet.  Here is a list of “media blog relating” Twitter Feeds

Thank you to Press Not Sorry for suggesting several of the blogs above and for listing most of these Twitter Feeds.