Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP (“RPC”), the well known London law firm – which regularly represents media defendants in libel and privacy cases – has launched its new RPC Privacy Blog.  The blog aims to provide regular updates on UK privacy law.  It is intended to supplement the recent Privacy Law Handbook, published by the Law Society and edited by RPC partner Keith Mathieson.The blog contains a number of well researched and comprehensive posts on recent privacy issues, including (most recently) the following.

ECtHR upholds Campbell v MGN. Posted on January 18, 2011 by Keith Mathieson

Just under seven years after the House of Lords found by 3 to 2 against the Daily Mirror in the landmark privacy case by Naomi Campbell, the European Court of Human Rights has rejected MGN’s attempt to persuade it that UK … read more

Should the parties in privacy cases be anonymised? – a summary of the recent judgmentsPosted on January 14, 2011 by Keith Mathieson

Since the end of the summer at least eight judgments have considered whether the parties to successful applications for privacy injunctions should be anonymised.  The results (in chronological order) are as follows: DFT v TFD: both parties anonymised. AMM v HXW: both … read more

The new blog provides interesting and useful analysis of developments in privacy law.  We commend it to our readers.