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Inforrm – Top Posts of 2010

At the end of the year it is interesting to look back at the 400 odd posts on Inforrm  to see which have been the most popular with our readers.  These cover a wide range of topics – privacy, libel and general media law issues.  This is the list of the twenty most popular Inforrm posts of 2010:

1.   Wayne Rooney’s Private Life and the Public Interest

2.   Defamation Trials, Summary Determinations and Assessments: 2005-2009

3.   Responsible journalism and William Hague

4.   Opinion: “Supreme Court of Canada Recognizes Limited Right to Access Government Documents” – Paul Schabas and Ryder Gilliland

5.   “The cases of Vanessa Perroncel and John Terry – a curious legal affair” – Dominic Crossley

6.   Wikileaks, Public Domain and the Internet

7.   “Reframing Libel Costs” – Razi Mireskandari

8.    Case Law: Von Hannover (No.2) to the Strasbourg Grand Chamber

9.   Defamation in Scotland – mostly quiet on the northern front?

10.  Anonymity, “Take That” and Reporting Privacy Injunctions

11.  Case Law: Flood v Times Newspapers, Reynolds defence fails

12.  “Reframing Libel – A Practitioner’s Perspective” Part 2 – Hugh Tomlinson QC

13.  Blogging the Law in the UK: an introductory guide

14.   Judgment: British Chiropractic Association v Singh

15.  Lord Lester’s Defamation Bill – an overview

16.  Libel Reform, Science and Breast Enlargement

17.  US Freedom of Expression and Media Law Roundup 7 July 2010

18.  Mosley ECHR Case – the Media Submissions

19. Injunctions and Super-Injunctions: an Introduction

20.  Strasbourg on Privacy and Reputation Part 3: “A balance between reputation and expression?”

The consistently interesting UK Human Rights Blog has produced its own list of its most popular posts of 2010 which also contains a number of “media law related” items (at 11, 12 and 14 on their list).

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  1. Elaine Decoulos

    In the top post on Defamation trials, Summary Determinations and Assessments: 2005-2009, Benjamin Pell forgot to mention my several defamation hearings that were listed on the court’s website. I was the Claimant and my Defendants were Associated Newspapers, Bruno Schroder, Suzanne Maltzahn and James Harcus.

    One of the judgments was even published on The Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee’s website for their Press Standards Inquiry, along with a Memorandum from me summarising the history of the litigation.

    Benjamin, how could you have overlooked these?

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