On 11 January 2011, Inforrm, in conjunction with Gray’s Inn and the Media Standards Trust, will be stage a panel discussion with the title “Libel Reform: In the Public’s Interest?“. The purpose of the discussion is to consider the implications of the current proposals for libel reform for the general public with panellists bringing a wide range of different expertise and experience to the issues.

Over the past year there has been considerable public and political discussion about libel reform.  This has concentrated on claims that libel law is too “claimant friendly” and has an unacceptable ‘chilling effect’ on publishers of all sizes. There has been much less discussion about the positive and negative effects reform of libel law might have for the general public .

The discussion will cover issues such as

  • What will be the effect of libel reform on standards in journalism
  • What can be done to produce faster and fairer resolution of libel claims
  • Should reform aim to provide affordable remedies to members of the public who have been damaged by the publication of false statements?
  • Should people have better opportunities to resolve their libel claims through alternative dispute resolution rather than having to take all claims to the High Court?
  • Should non-commercial publishers such as bloggers and NGOs have special defences to libel claims ?
  • Should the Courts be able to order the publications of corrections or apologies or be able to grant declarations of falsity in libel cases?
  • Should libel reform be accompanied by regulatory reform to give, for example, regulators power to award compensation to those damaged by the publication of false stories?

These are the details of the event:

“Libel Reform:
In the Public’s Interest?”
Chaired by

Baroness Helena Kennedy QC

The Panel

Evan Harris
Former MP and Libel Reformer

Kevin Marsh

Head of the BBC College of Journalism and former editor of

the Today programme

Zoe Margolis

Award winning writer and blogger ‘Abby Lee’

(‘Girl with a One Track Mind’)

Sir Charles Gray

Former High Court Judge. Arbitrator

Razi Mireskandari

Managing Partner of Simons Muirhead & Burton

Tuesday 11 January 2011

Registration: 6:10pm

Talk: 6:30-8:30pm

followed by Q&A and a drinks reception

Accredited with 2 CPD points

£10 Gray’s Inn students and NP barristers*

£15 all others

Pre-registration and payment is required.

Please click here to download a registration form.

Post cheque, payable to Gray’s Inn, and a registration form to Education Dept, Gray’s Inn,

8 South Square, London


FOR MORE INFORMATION:  PHONE 020 7458 7900 or EMAIL cpd@graysinn.org.uk

Tickets will be allocated on first come first served basis.

Seats can only be guaranteed to those who make a payment prior to the lecture.

* up to 3 yrs call